What did 50 days of Meditation do to me?

I am a huge fan of tracking things in my life. I always need that “proof” that things are working to commit myself to it.
So meditation was something i loved doing, and i did feel good every time i did it, but i wasn’t quite sure if was working! So i decided to measure and analyze.

Because the benefits of meditation are so subtle, it requires a certain level of awareness to notice them.

I took a 50 day Challenge!
and here are what I measured

1. Heart Rate before and after meditation
2. My state of mind before and after meditation
3. Steps/distance I covered in a day
4. My Sleep Pattern

I did this from a place of self awareness to get to know myself better…
I must say these are the best 50 days of my life!!

There is a saying
“What We Measure, We Improve”

And that is exactly what happened to me. My meditation experience improved significantly when I started measuring it. It went longer and deeper, and there was more enthusiasm to do it!

What took me by a HUGE surprise was, not only did my meditation improve but my day to day life style started changing for the good!

Here are some highlights of what improved in me

Losing weight — I always wanted to stay fit but never got to accomplish it. Somehow, in the past couple months I could put a lot of attention on my workout routine and could lose 22 Pounds. Went from size 12 to size 6. Size L to size S

Adapted to a healthy life style — From eating donuts for breakfast to eating salad and everything on earth thats vegetarian and healthy

Made Yoga as an everyday practice — I never thought i could do those asanas/poses, but it just keeps improving every single day!

Accomplished a lot at work — I was able to get a lot of things done with very little effort because my mind was more calmer and focused than being confused and scattered.

Sound Sleep: I go in to a deep state of sleep for more than 65% of my sleep time and I go in to this state within 10 mins of falling asleep.

Anger Diminished — Something that i thought was IMPOSSIBLE for me. Being a Leo, i always wanted to get things done in my own way. So there were always instances waiting everyday to push my buttons. I started noticing that I have been responding than reacting to these situations, which is a big DEAL! I was able to be very “aware” and also witness what was happening inside of me.

A sense of belongingness — I felt very connected with my near and dear ones and the universe as a whole, there was a huge sense of expansion!

Observation of the little things — It might be a silly thing but hear me out — I wear a pendant that makes a little sound whenever i walk, i’ve never ever noticed it before — But now because am more aware i could hear it so clearly!

Desires getting fulfilled — I just have to think about it once and even before the simple wish could turn in to a strong desire it was already getting fulfilled!! There were so many occasions when this happened…and i just felt how damn lucky i’m!

Gratefulness — Almost twice or thrice in a day I felt so much grateful for being alive and for everything that God and my Guru have bestowed on me.

A few years ago, i was this person who thought that meditation does not make me look cool and I don’t need for me. It is for people who are stressed. But today…I will vouch that meditation is the ONLY coolest thing in my life! It’s not for stress management but it is for a MUCH bigger cause — To understand the true purpose of life. Because most of the time i was stuck with the smallest of things/events/people and all my energy was getting drained dealing with this. But when I started meditating all these vanished and it gave myself a lot of time to think about the TRUE PURPOSE OF LIFE!

So if you are not on the meditation bandwagon, get on it now!
If it can bring about a change in a person like me, it can definitely do the magic for you!!

And start tracking! It improves awareness, which is the key to solve every single problem in the world!

Ending it with my favorite quote from my Guru Sri Sri