What are some tips for leveraging Reddit communities for promoting your brand without Reddit platform violations?

Financial Independence subreddit

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It’s the same story over and over again…

People come to a community you love for the first, you don’t even know them, they sell their stuff, stuff you also don’t know about, and that’s it. This is the best way to make people distrust or even hate you.

So what can you do?

Use Reddit like any other Redditors. Don’t just come up, unknown, sell your stuff and leave. You don’t leverage a community, you take part in it.

I’m part of the Financial Independence subreddit. I will not go there, publish a post about my services, and that’s it. No.

Instead, you could check Reddit every day for 30 min. You read posts and answers, upvoting what you find interesting.

After a few days, you understand what kind of community it is, what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Then, after a week or two, you start commenting. Not every time. Only when you have something relevant to say. You can talk about your own observation, your experience or share information you read before.

After another week or two, you post something for the first time. You can share articles or videos you found interesting or ask a real question you have.

Now, you’re an active member of the community.

That’s how Reddit works. Or rather, that’s how social media, the Internet and humans work. A community is built on trust, on regular active and caring participation.

Hi, thanks for reading my article! I’m Fanny and help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and finally relax.

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Fanny Marcoux

Fanny Marcoux

I help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and finally relax.

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