How do freelance writers market themselves? Are there any tips?

by Vlada Karpovich —

A friend is in love with Fairphone and their project. They’re all about sustainable electronics.

My friend wants to be part of this industry. A good way to get known is to write.

What should she do?

1. Who are your readers?

Fairphone homepage lists a few companies, institutions, awards, etc. We write for them.

Define who you’re writing for. In this case, we’re writing about sustainable electronics.

Go to the Fairphone website. On their about page, they list all kinds of companies.

They are:

  • fair electronics producers
  • sustainability government institutions

We’ll write for them.

2. Where are they?

Now we know who our readers are. But they don’t know us yet.

To get noticed, we need to show up where they are. We need to find them.

There are two places they are for sure:

  1. social media
  2. blogs

Social media

Look for ‘sustainable electronics’ on Twitter, you’ll see how all the accounts which post about this topic

They’re on social media because everyone is. Old boomers are on Facebook, young gen z on TikTok and nerds on Reddit.

Where are our readers?

Remember, they’re sustainable electronics producers and government institutions.

Most companies are on LinkedIn. That’s where the B2B, business talk happens.

But governments, they’re on Twitter. It’s more open, can easily be referred to and shared. So journalists use it, and so do politics.

Let’s use this info later…


Your readers are also reading blogs. That’s where they keep informed about their industry news.

There are two kinds of blogs:

  1. official magazines, newspapers, institutions and companies own blogs

2. blog platforms

Look for ‘sustainable electronics’ on Google, you’ll see all the blogs that post about this topic

To find official blogs:

  1. go on Google
  2. type ‘sustainable electronics’
  3. check every website of Google first 3 pages
  4. bookmark good blogs in a folder

Good blogs:

  1. post regularly
  2. are about sustainable electronics and similar
Look for ‘sustainable electronics’ on Medium, you’ll see all the writers who post about this topic

Then there are blog platforms. The main ones are:

  • Medium
  • Substack
  • Quora
  1. go to each one
  2. type ‘sustainable electronics’
  3. check if there are regular posts about your topic
  4. also bookmark the platforms that do

3. Write

750 words helps you write 750 words every day

We have to set up a schedule, and keep it. Consistency is key.

If possible, it’d be great to write every day.

750 words is a great website for that. Its goal is for you to write 750 words every day.

But there’s a risk we won’t keep the pace. If it ever becomes too difficult, it is better to write every week and keep the pace.

Let’s say we write every week.


Well, we already kind of know. Remember we looked at where our readers are? We’ll write right there.

When we first start writing, it’s easy to write on a blog platform. So:

  • Medium
  • Substack
  • or Quora

Choose the one with already a lot of posts about sustainable electronics and/or the one you prefer.

Later, it’s good to have your own website where you explain what you do and publish your blog posts. But that’s later. Let’s keep on writing first.

3. Share your writings

Post on Twitter your blogs posts, drafts, editings, experimentations, etc. Be creative.

It’s good that we write. But it means nothing if nobody reads it. Luckily for us, we’re already posting on a blog platform with readers. It doesn’t mean we’ll get tons of readers. We can do something about this.

Remember we also looked into which social media our readers use? Now is the time to use this info.

We defined they’re on LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll post our writings on those.

Just like with writing, consistency is key. If we can, we’ll post on both. If we cannot, we’ll post on one. Let’s say we post on Twitter for now.

We already write once a week. Let’s say on Tuesday. So, every Tuesday, we’ll publish our blog post on Twitter.

Again, just like writing, it’s good to post every day. But we’re only writing one blog post a week.

What should we post about?

We can post about so many things:

  • our current draft
  • ideas for new blog posts
  • how we’re editing
  • experiments we’re trying
  • the latest thing we learned
  • past projects we worked on
  • etc.

4. Write guest posts

Send messages on Twitter to other profiles which also post about ‘sustainable electronics’

Finally, we can also write for others.

They’ll post our article and their readers will read our work. We’ll get even more readers.

At the end of our guest post, there’ll be a small bio with a link to our own blog. Other blogs readers can click on it, read our work and subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll get known in this industry more and more.

How do you get published?

Remember we looked into blogs our readers read and bookmarked all those?

Now is time to:

  1. subscribe to their newsletters
  2. follow their Twitter accounts
  3. contact them through emails (found on their website) and messages on Twitter
  4. say hi, ask how they’re doing, say what you do, link to your blog and ask if they’re open to guest posting

Most will not reply, some will say yes.

More and more, bit by bit, we’ll:

  • write
  • post on Twitter
  • connect with other writers
  • get published
  • and get known in our industry

That’s how freelance writers can market themselves.

Hi, thanks for reading my article! I’m Fanny and help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and finally relax.

Check how I can help you:

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Busy bees have so many things to do. Here, make your marketing work, take little time and focus on what you need.

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I help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and finally relax.

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