How do I get customers in artificial intelligence services?

A robot looks at you with empathy, aw…
by Alex Knight —

Every Thursday evening, I go to a conversation table. We talk about everything. One Thursday, we started to talk about AI and how one guy wanted to work in this industry. I advised him to use Twitter.

Back in the days, the tech and high technical folks used to hang out there. But is it still the case today? And what can you do about it?

Let’s see how you can do this, get notices and start having customers…

#1 Research your customers


Amazon results for ‘artificial intelligence’ in ‘books’ ordered by ‘featured’

Go to

Type artificial intelligence in the search bar

Select ‘books’ as a department

Verify the results are ranked by ‘featured’

Select the few books with the most reviews

Some 3-stars reviews on Amazon

Read their 3 stars’ reviews

Take notes


Quora results for ‘artificial intelligence’ by type ‘questions’

Go to

Type artificial intelligence in the search bar

Select ‘questions’ under ‘by type’

Note down the most interesting questions


Twitter results for #ArtificialIntelligence. This post gets 12 comments, 225 retweets and 603 likes.

Go to

Type artificial intelligence in the search bar

Note down the most used # and look at their content

Also note what kinds of posts get the most comments, retweets and likes

Look for and follow the profiles that:

  1. share the most
  2. get the most comments, retweets or likes
  3. and/or reply the most to comments on their posts

#2 Show them you’re here


Every day, spend as much time as possible reading what others post on the # you noted. Keep on following new people who meet one of the 3 criteria above. It can be 5 min a day while you’re in the toilet, if that’s all the time you have. That’s ok.


With all your notes, you know what people care about when coming to artificial intelligence.

Post every day on Twitter about the topics and add the # you noted down. It can be about:

  • articles you read
  • videos you watched
  • your take on some news in the industry
  • the latest job you did
  • a feature you try to improve
  • etc.

Your website

With all your notes, you can also create or improve your current website. Make it about what people. care about.


After commenting and posting every day for 3 months, you’ll be following the most important and interesting profiles in the artificial intelligence industry.

Start sending them direct messages.

Present yourself, explain how you found their profile and what you like about what they post. That’s all.

About 3 months later, contact them again. Catch up and maybe share some resources you recently found. That’s it.

Contact them like this regularly. Keep in touch.

#3 Get your customers

After 6 months of commenting and posting every day on Twitter and 3 months of sending DM’s, people in the industry will start noticing you.

They will comment, retweet, share your posts and click on your links more and more. Your website’ll get more visitors and you’ll get in contact with more customers through Twitter, your website contact form and other people referring to you.

Review about every 3 months what you write (or record) in your:

  • website,
  • posts,
  • DM’s

Try new things. If it works, keep doing it. If it doesn’t work, stop and try something else.

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Fanny Marcoux

I help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and finally relax.

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