What are the most common types of content marketing?

by Liza Summer (Pexels)

There are only 3 types of content:

1. text

2. video

3. audio

That’s it.

1. Text

The Internet is based on text. TikTok has hashtags, YouTube descriptions and most content on a company website is text. You need to write, may it be a short social media post to a long in-depth article on a blog. The Internet is full of text.

2. Video

They catch the eyes on social media and are easier to watch than a long text. They can last a few seconds like on TikTok or be a 1 or 2h recording of a conference on YouTube.

3. Audio

Audio is perfect to listen to while doing something else. Walking the dog, cooking or during a commute. Through audio, you can reach out to a larger audience.

And the best is that…

… You can mix them.

You can livestream your event on YouTube, record the audio on Spotify and post little bits of those on social media.

That’s a lot of content.

Should you do all of them?


The more content you post, the better you’ll get and the more ‘results’ you’ll have. So you should do what you like.

You don’t like hearing your own voice? You think you don’t look good on camera? You don’t know how to write?

You can do another type of content. But, before that, think carefully about this:

Is it that you don’t like it or is it that you’re not confident, yet?

Skills and confidence will come. So publish that first post, podcast or video.

The first step is always the most difficult.

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