What are the sites where I can get work as a freelance writer?

#fermentedfoods on Instagram has 592 000 publications

It depends…

1. About what do you want to write?

Do you have a preference? Are you passionate about something? Like food? Healthy food? How yoghurt and other fermented food have a positive impact on your health? Now that’s a specific topic.

What theme would that be? Health, sure. Food, yup. Productivity hack, why not?

Don’t wait for someone to come to you and ask you to write about this. Go to them. But where are all those people waiting for you to write about fermented food?

2. Where do you find them?

Like most people, they’re on social media.

There are many uncertain things in life. What I’ll eat for lunch, what my yoga teacher’ll make us do next time, if the bus’ll arrive in time — ok, we know it, it won’t. Social media is too that certain.

You know what that means?

It means you can go find them right now from your couch. Or wherever you are, your desk or something. Super simple.

Here’s a rough list of which topics is on which social media to give you ideas:

  • Twitter — writing, tech, politics, news
  • Instagram — photo, restaurant, health, beauty
  • LinkedIn — business, career

With our examples above — food, health and productivity — it means we need to go on Instagram and LinkedIn.

3. How do you contact them?

Go to Instagram and look for #’s like #fermentedfoods or #healthylifestyle. Look for people who post a lot, but not too much. Follow and send them a message like this one:

‘Hi [their first name],

I was scrolling [the # you use to find them] and saw you’re posting regularly. Me too! I write about [the topic you love to write about] here:

[link to your portfolio]

Do you need help with your blog or social media posts?

Have a nice day,

[your full name]’

Do the same with LinkedIn and #’s like #productivity

For this to work, you need to:

  1. write regularly about that topic

2. gather all your public writings in one place (a social media profile, your own website, Medium, Substack or another platform)

3. post regularly on Instagram and/or LinkedIn

Most people you contact will not respond, some will. And that’s gold. You’ll talk with your maybe future clients, learn more about them and grow your network. You’ll get more and more yes’ with time.

Hi, thanks for reading my article! I’m Fanny and help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and finally relax.

Check how I can help you: https://www.fanny-marcoux.com/

Read more about marketing basics: https://www.thefreelancerjungle.com/




Busy bees have so many things to do. Here, make your marketing work, take little time and focus on what you need.

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Fanny Marcoux

Fanny Marcoux

I help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and finally relax.

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