Which SEO hack do digital marketers need to know?

by Caio — https://www.instagram.com/ca.io.nada/

That the web is called the web for a reason.

Everything is linked, like an actual web.

Of course, you need to pay attention to your on-page SEO, keywords, ALT, H1, H2, loading speed, basic design standards.

SEO becomes interesting is when it merges.

You see, the most powerful SEO tactic is backlinks.

In short, other websites link to your website. And, because they recommended your website, people click on the link, go to your website and scroll through it.

Why do they link to it?

Of course, because your website is great, you made great content and people love it. Also because you asked those website owners to refer to your website.

How do you find, choose and contact those website owners?

Well, that is called influencer marketing. And a place to find those people is social media.

It’s not only SEO now, it’s influencer and social media marketing too.

Everything is linked.

That is why it’s called the web.

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Fanny Marcoux

Fanny Marcoux

I help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and finally relax.

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