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Better living for busy professionals.

Welcome to something new that’s always been here

7 simple lines to express what you truly think, believe, and feel

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What the mice in the ceiling know that you don’t

Illustrations by Kaki Okumura

#2: Develop an ‘early warning system’ for your burnout

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  • Feeling like you’re under constant pressure to hit unrealistic deadlines
  • Trying to manage increasingly unbearable workloads
  • Having little to no support from managers and higher-ups
  • Feeling chronically exhausted and drained

The best way to manage burnout is to get better at avoiding it in the first place.

Being a calming influence when things go south is a seriously attractive quality


Every now and then, take a few minutes to decompress

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There Is No Right Way to Do This

Creativity isn’t just the new productivity. It’s also about wellness

Image: The Dropping Well at Knar Knarcsborough by Francis Nicholson/Art Institute of Chicago

What would you do if you woke up and found a cockroach on your face?

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“All that matters is what you choose.”

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1. ”No matter how hot your anger gets, it cannot cook a yam.”

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Better living for busy professionals.

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