The Crisis in Our Public Policies

From Yoppul

Today’s world is impossible to keep up.

Everything moves so fast. New phones come out every year. New apps come out every day. The shirt I bought 2 years ago is now too small.

New laws? In the United States, hardly anyone would describe the government as fast. For years, Americans have been unsatisfied with the performance of their lawmakers, constantly complaining about a “do-nothing Congress”.

Nevertheless, the number of laws is growing rapidly. In 1927, all the laws of the United States government fit into a single volume. Today, the number of laws is so insanely high that no one really knows how many laws there are.

from The Monkey Cage

The problem is that as members of society we are all required to know the law. Ignorance of the law excuses no one — you cannot rob a bank and at your trial say, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know robbing a bank was illegal please don’t punish me”. No matter how big or complicated the law gets, every person is expected to know and follow these guidelines.

Except in today’s world, knowing — let alone following — the law is impossible. In 2016, California alone passed 900 new laws. That rate is growing as lobbying and communication tools improve over time. If you live in the United States, you cannot only follow 1 government — you actually need to follow 4 (Federal, State, County, City).

How do we solve this problem? That’s our mission here at Simple Rights. We believe that it is not possible to function as a society if the mental model to understand how we govern is so complicated and confusing.

We are passionate on creating the best tools that present a complicated system of laws as sensibly as possible. We design not for lawyers or politicians, but how the average person consumes content. We want to make your rights personal, social, and fun.

We at Simple Rights take no sides. We do not push a political agenda, nor do we advocate for what the law should be. We believe that wherever you are, whoever you are, you deserve the right to know your rights.

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