Grandma — My Eulogy

Ive never done anything like this before, although I’m honoured to have been asked, this has been very difficult to write. Despite the fact I spend a lot of my life writing down words for other people to read. Spending far to long choosing the right words to use, nothing has tested me more than writing about someone I love.

My grandma was one in a billion. Stubborn, nosey, cantankerous, yet strong willed, caring, kind, helpful but most of all honest. Putting every effort into every day of her life and she loved what she did. She had two great loves, making things and helping other people. Often combining the two and raising money for good causes.

When my mum was in the choir in this very church, they didn’t have any gowns. So grandma dug out her sowing machine, made and sold hundreds of aprons earning enough money to buy everyone a beautiful red gown. I’m convinced she could pretty much make anything.

I have really enjoyed lots of her friends telling me all sorts of stories over the past week or so. She got up to more than you would believe and left so many people with some great memories. I’m sure all of you here will have some of those, My fondest one was driving, complete with picnic basket, to meet my Grandad for tea when he was combining. Picking straw from the field to make into corn dollies, which found there way to more places than you would believe. One particular night around the age of 8 or so I was absolutely gobsmacked grandma could drive a tractor!

She was very much a farmers wife, making all sorts of food and drink on the farm and pitching in whenever she could. My mum fondly remembers her making home made wine in pots and pans. She managed to get pretty tipsy on more than one occasions whilst ‘testing’ much to her children’s delight.

She really loved Screddington, being an active member of the Women’s institute and the mothers union. But when the time came, after being her home for more than 60 years she moved to Anwick.

This was a big move for her, she returned to support Screddington village events and fates but soon settled into Anwick village community. Both her and my Grandad were large supporters of the village church. Taking part in a village effort to make new kneelers, and helping in where ever they could. She won awards for her embroidery on many occasion as well as Spinning wool, weaving, pottery, painting, and flower arranging to name a few it’s a wonder she ever had any time spare. Yet she always had time for people.

For many a years the whole family took part in the village 10mile Sponsored walk. This was always a great affair with laughing, joking and chatting all around the route. But one year Grandma managed her underwear caught whilst climbing a fence, and I don’t think anyone has ever been the same since.

Anwick Over 60’s club was one of her favourite hangouts meeting up with her friends from the village. She loved nothing more than a game of bingo with a cup of tea, but most of all a gossip. Her life was full of activity, but she always wanted a new challenge, learning to swim at the grand age of 67. Only five years later swimming 100 miles to raise funds for the heart and lung ward at Pilgrim Hospital.

Well into her 70’s it wasn’t unusual for Grandma to be going to the gym or a Spinning class with her best friend Joan, who she has missed dearly this past few years. She and my Grandad met lot of great friends while learning to ballroom dance, and braving together their first holiday abroad and also hot air ballon flights.

There are of cause, lots more stories to tell, and Im sure you will also share them with me at some point. I am delighted that so many of you are here today with us, my Grandma has a huge circle of friends and each and every one of our lives are poorer without her in it.

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