The world is so peaceful now

Hello, it’s been a while.. I have been battling illness for the last couple of weeks and haven’t really felt like writing anything. As a result of the illness I am now suffering from partial deafness and it’s somewhat brilliant.

Now I know deafness is not brilliant in the slightest, but my plight is thankfully temporary and only cuts off lower noise levels so it shouldn’t be comparable to a disability. However in some situations I am finding it a delight, the world is a much calmer place when you can’t hear the hummus and murmurs of the modern world.

I am no longer subject to light traffic noise - gone are hums and whirs of technology and appliances, and everything below normal talking volume is silence.

Not all good news

It has its downsides, I am forever jumping out of my skin as someone has approached me. In a quite normal fashion to them, but with my hearing they appear with all the skills of a ninja. That is without the internal constant sounds of my breathing and chewing!

I’m hoping it clears soon, as the wife is constantly having to repeat herself, but at the moment it’s not all bad.

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