Bedtime Bulb Works With Your Smart Home

Photo by Stephan Bechert on Unsplash

We get the occasional request to make a smart lighting product—one that can work with the likes of Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Home. As I outlined in my last post, it’s actually quite challenging (and expensive) to build a light that is both smart and healthy.

Just because Bedtime Bulb is not a smart light bulb in and of itself doesn’t mean you can’t use it with your smart home. Thanks to some great products from Lutron and TP-Link, you can turn any fixture with Bedtime Bulb into a smart light.

Understanding your options

Before selecting a connected lighting solution, ask these three questions:

1. Is Bedtime Bulb used in a freestanding lamp, or is it in a fixture controlled by a wall switch?

If it’s the former, you can opt for a plug-in device, which is super easy to install. Replacing a wall switch will require additional effort and safety precautions. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of task, hire an electrician.

2. Do I want to dim the light?

Bedtime Bulb was designed for use in the evening, with an appropriate brightness to match. Most of our users are satisfied with the default output, reporting that they don’t require a dimmer.

With that said, Bedtime Bulb is dimmable, as long as you use a compatible dimmer. Dimming is more expensive than simple on/off but potentially worth the higher price.

3. Is my home more than 15 years old?

Finally, if you opt for the in-wall option, you need to determine if your switch boxes contain a neutral wire. For homes built in the last 10–20 years, you should be fine, but older homes are unlikely to have the neutral wire in the switch box. Check with an electrician or consult this guide if you are unsure.

The solutions

Plug-In, On/Off Only

The TP-Link Mini Smart Plug is a solid, affordable option for basic on/off control. Just plug it in! On the side of the compact unit is a manual on/off switch.

The Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Plug does not require a hub—just download the TP-Link Kasa Smart app to get started.

Plug-In, Dimming

We love the Lutron Caseta system for smart dimming. It works perfectly with Bedtime Bulb. The dimming performance and features are unmatched, even though it is a tad pricier than competitive smart dimmers. This system has tiny remotes that you can stick anywhere you want to control lights.

Lutron’s plug-in dimmer allows you to plug in 2 lamps, and it has on/off and dimming controls right on the unit. The light fades on and off gently instead of a jarring instant transition.

To enable the connected features of the Lutron Caseta Plug-In Dimmer, you will need the Lutron Smart Bridge. We recommend the starter pack, which includes two dimmers, two remote controls, and the Smart Bridge.

In-Wall, On/Off Only (Neutral Wire Required)

Like its smart plug cousin, the TP-Link Smart Switch is simple and affordable. It is WiFi-enabled, requiring no hub. Once the switch is installed, just download the TP-Link Kasa Smart app to connect to your network.

If your home is older and does not have neutral wires in the switch box, opt for the Lutron in-wall dimmer instead.

In-Wall, Dimming and/or No Neutral Wire

Like Lutron’s plug-in dimmer, their in-wall dimmer is equally great. It works really well with Bedtime Bulb, and it has a gentle fade when turning the lights on and off.

For homes without a neutral wire, this is one of your only options, whether or not you want to dim the lights. Even though the dimmer is more expensive than on/off switches, it is probably less expensive than adding a neutral wire to your switch box.

To enable the connected features of the Lutron Caseta In-Wall Dimmer, you will need the Lutron Smart Bridge. We recommend the starter pack, which includes a dimmer, a remote control, and the Smart Bridge.

If you have any questions about setting up Bedtime Bulb, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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