Introducing Bedtime Bulb Model BB02

We’re excited to announce the world’s only healthy light bulb in a candelabra form factor. You’ve been asking for a Bedtime Bulb that would fit in smaller lamps, and we’ve delivered.

Model BB02 has the same great features as the original Bedtime Bulb:

  • LessBlue™: For a better night’s sleep
  • Vivid Colors: To beautify the evening
  • FlickerSafe™: To prevent eyestrain and headaches

Just like the original, Model BB02 is bright enough for evening reading, and it saves energy by consuming only 4 Watts. We stand behind our product with a 5-Year Warranty.

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*Canadian customers: Both Bedtime Bulb models will be in stock within a few weeks. We’ll let you know when they are back. Thanks for your patience!

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