Announcing Donations

We always strive to be the easiest way to publish your podcast. Since we’re not a venture-backed company, we have to charge for our services, but that didn’t stop us from asking, “How can we make our service free?”.

After thinking long and hard, we realized that this wasn’t enough. We wanted to know how we could make using Simplecast “better than free”. We know that part of supporting a podcast means trying to find advertisers and taking donations. You can sign up for an ad network or a service like Patreon, but that just adds more steps… more complexity.

So today, we’re announcing the ability to take donations through a new Stripe integration. After some deliberation and talking with Jason Fried, we also decided to make this free for our podcasters. We want to see you succeed and make a living off of your shows for years to come.

Just login to your Simplecast account and you’ll see a new menu item called “Donations”. You can connect a Stripe account with the click of a button.

Donations in Simplecast

Once you’ve added your Stripe details, a donations icon will automagically appear on your Simplecast custom site.

Donations on Happy Monday

We hope you love this new feature. It’s the first of many more to come very soon. These are exciting times at Simplecast HQ. Oh, and you might be asking yourself, “But what about the other thing? What about the ad networks?”. Well, come back to this site, because we’ve got something cooking for that too.

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