Deep Linking Using Time Jump

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve integrated Dave Rupert’s wonderful TimeJump library into Simplecast hosted sites, allowing you to create deep links to any point in time for a single episode.

For example, let’s say you’d like to create a link to the 10 minute 45 second point of an episode. If you’re the Reboot podcast, you would create a link like this:

When the link is followed, TimeJump will fast-forward the episode to that point in time and start playing. It’s also very handy for creating show notes that link to certain points in your episode.

It works with multiple formats:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use TimeJump right now if you embed a Simplecast audio player into your own site.

Big thanks to Dave for creating TimeJump. Check out his ShopTalk podcast if you have a chance. It’s pretty great!

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