New Simplecast Features – Week of 9/11

Secrets are sooo overrated. So here’s a late Friday afternoon peek into three new Simplecast tools which go into beta release next week. Keep scrolling. You won’t regret it. 🔥

Custom Episode URLs 🕹

We rolled out a necessary security update two weeks ago—this update replaced auto-numbering URLs with more secure, dynamically generated hashes. We know this wasn’t ideal, but the other half of this upgrade should have you rejoicing. Yep. Custom URLs for each and every episode.

Eat, link, and be merry!

Currently in beta — Sep 15 Public Release

Audio Player 2.0 👩‍🎤

We’ve redesigned and reengineered the Simplecast embeddable player from the ground up. What you see here is only a small peek into the design + features. We begin rolling out to certain beta testers during the week of Sep 11. If you can’t wait to get your hands (and podcasts on it), we’ll have all the details coming soon to your Simplecast Dashboard.

TechCrunch’s podcast, “Original Content”

And last but not least… *drumroll*

Mapped City-level Analytics 😯🗺

We promised you a few new data points to your current Dashboard while we work on releasing the all new Simplecast. Welp, here’s one of those new data points. And we threw in a map, cause who doesn’t like maps.