Our Favorite Podcasts–For & By Dads

Jun 16, 2019 · 3 min read

Have you bought your dad a tie? Lit the grill? Posted a throwback photo of your dad rocking a shag haircut and corduroy bell bottoms to Instagram yet? Then it sounds like you’re ready for Father’s Day! Whether you’re a dad or just celebrating a father figure, guess what? There’s a podcast for that!

We decided to include an even mix of traditional parenting podcasts and more entertainment-focused shows. Keep reading for our faves–and happy Father’s Day!

The Fatherly Podcast

Hosted by Fatherly Editor-at-Large Joshua David Stein, The Fatherly Podcast features open, wide-ranging conversations with famous and notable men about how they take care of themselves, their families, and their children (not necessarily in that order). In addition to featuring a familiar father figure, each episode goes deep on a specific parenting issue, explaining the state of scientific research on topics as diverse as what kids see in mirrors, what happens when parents yell, and how to do hugs right. At the end of each episode, Joshua recommends a way to make your life as a parent just 3 percent more fun. After all, everyone wants to do just a little bit better.

The Adventure Zone

We can’t talk about dad-casts (sorry!) without mentioning the Adventure Zone. The McElroy brothers (from My Brother, My Brother and Me) recruit their dad Clint for a role-play campaign. The Adventure Zone drops episodes bi-monthly and has an expansive back catalogue, so you’ve got plenty of time to start listening.

The Modern Dads Podcast

An offshoot of the City Dads Group, The Modern Dads Podcast was named of one the best parenting podcasts of 2015 by Healthline and “notable” by Mental Floss, The Modern Dads Podcast helps the world keep up with the ever-evolving definition of a “good father.”

The Modern Dads Podcast discusses issues today’s fathers face navigating work, parenthood, relationships and play. They share stories of dads who are active and engaged in the decisions, the drudgery, and the pains and the joys of parenthood. Thde not only bring dads into the conversation, but also–regardless of gender–spouses and partners, friends and colleagues, and leaders in business, entertainment and media.

Dungeons and Daddies

Okay, first things first: it’s NOT a BDSM podcast! Dungeons & Daddies is a D&D podcast created by four dads. Glenn, Henry, Ron, and Darryl are transported from our real world into the Forgotten Realms on a quest to rescue their sons. Episodes go up twice a month, and they’re still pretty early in their campaign, so get listening!

(PS: Your dad taught you a lot–don’t you want to be able to return the favor? Father’s Day is a perfect time to teach your dad how to listen to a podcast.)


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