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SimpleChain Weekly Report: February 10-February 16

Mainnet Data

Since launching on January 4th 2019, SimpleChain mainnet has been running steadily. Up until February 16th 2020, the amount of total addresses on SimpleChain is 11,643. Average peak computing power is 341.639 GH/S, and average peak difficulty is 4,288G. The amount of total transactions is 154,406.

Technical Development

SimpleChain 2.0

  1. Added the test files of ctx_store and rtx_store to the core directory and basically completed all tests under the core directory;
    2. Added nonce () function to SimpleChain 2. evm to support cross-chain contracts and modified the solidity compiler;
    3.Tuned raft consensus in verision 1.9;
    4. Conducted test on modified multi-consensus module and fixed the bug in etcd go module;
    5. Upgraded the PBFT consensus to version 1.9;
    6. Modified the data structure to pass parameters in cross-chain contracts;
    7. Tested cross-chain contract deployment, and added missing rpc interfaces (query and statistics);
    8. Completed the contract of generating anchor nodes by staking and voting;
    9. Increased the chain’s response to the staking and voting contract;
    11. Simplified forks, removed eth fork codes;
    12. Tested parameters during the synchronization of the main chain and sub-chains and contract migration.


Optimized cross-chain transaction codes.

Mining Client-SimpleNode

1. Optimized Minimization function;
2. Fixed bugs.

Blockchain Explorer

1.SimpluG plug-in logo and icon replacement, adjusted overall layout details;
2. Viewed the chrome browser plug-in development documentation to get a preliminary understanding of the development process and release;
3. Building the framework of the simplug plugin.

Community Highlights

Call for Application for SimpleChain Foundation Council Election

Since the application started on February 10th, the SimpleChain Foundation Council Election has received applications from all over the world. In order to call on more active users on the SimpleChain network to participate in this election, the SimpleChain Foundation selected 100 addresses on the entire network based on factors such as the number of coins held, coin age, and activity level, and commissioned the SIPC.VIP community and the B.VIP community to select a list of users.

The SimpleChain Foundation welcomes active users on the list as well as all SimpleChain users and community members to apply to be candidates. The application will end on March 10. Top 10 SIPC holders (based on coin age) among all applicants will be the official candidates, and the SimpleChain Foundation will announce the coin age algorithm and the applicants’ ranking list.

SimpleChain needs you and your knowledge, talents and resources to facilitate the Foundation, inspire the community, and advance SimpleChain technology promotion, application implementation, community development and ecosystem construction. Each and every member of the SimpleChain community will play an important role in this election. You votes will determine the future of the SimpleChain community.

The SimpleChain Foundation is a non-profit organization for SimpleChain, a supporter and promoter of the SimpleChain open source blockchain community. Its mission is to make SimpleChain a fully trusted ecosystem that will benefit the new global business world, while reducing costs and reducing asymmetry.

The Foundation Council serves as an idea leader, community promoter, and strategic guide in the early stages of SimpleChain development. It is responsible for the overall management of the development of the SimpleChain community, and Council members reach decisions by voting.

The current Council is made up of 5 founding members. This election will add 9 members to expand the Council to 14 members. All 14 members of the Council will share the obligation to promote the development of SimpleChain and receive equal salaries.

All members of the SimpleChain community can apply to be a candidate and participate in voting. To be open and transparent, this election will be run on SimpleChain through an election smart contract.

Application Form:

Detailed Election Guidelines:

WIN Ecosystem X SimpleChain AMA

On February 10th, Judy Yu, co-founder of SIPC.VIP, was invited for an AMA with the WIN Ecosystem community. Judy shared her personal experience in the industry and dissected SimpleChain’s core concept of “Simplified Distributed Blockchain Network”. Judy is positive about the future of the blockchain industry, given that China is working towards more and more industries facilitated by blockchain.

About SimpleChain

The mission of SimpleChain is to simplify the blockchain for business.

SimpleChain is a PoW main chain with flexible sub-chains. Different sub-chains can adopt different kinds of consensus and block data structure as needed, to enable a variety of applications and use cases on blockchain. Sharding is also implemented to improve performance. This double-layered structure of one main chain and multiple sub-chains can fuel various applications while ensuring the consistency of the network.

Built on VeraxChain, SimpleChain’s first sub-chain, provides record keeping services which serves to keep records of online data and authenticate electronic evidence. In June 2018, Hangzhou Internet Court of China judged a case of copyright dispute based on data stored on For the first time in China, the legal effect of the electronic data stored on blockchain is recognized in the judicial system. (News link:

Find SimpleChain at:

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Blockchain Explorer:

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— -SIPC Mining & Trading — -
Wallet-Chainbox (Chinese only at the moment): download available at

Mining Client-SimpleNode (English & Chinese, can also act as a wallet): download available at

Mining Pools
1. SimPool (Chinese only):
2. MATPool (Chinese only):
3. DXPool (English & Chinese):
Mining Guide with DXPool:

Mining Machine: SimpleNode X1 USB mining machine: 2M hashrate, 5W power use. Please contact @Laurenxy on Telegram if interested.





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Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.