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SimpleChain Weekly Report: June 29-July 5

Mainnet Data

Up until July 5th 2020, the amount of total addresses on SimpleChain is 13,897. Average peak computing power is 437.914 GH/S, and average peak difficulty is 5,587 G. The amount of total transactions is 198,504.

Technical Development

SimpleChain 2.0

  1. Updated contracts and related interfaces to support cross-chain transaction cancellation of designated orders;
  2. Sorted the background management system registration process and completed interface development;
  3. Realized anchor nodes anchor node addition and deletion on background management system, as well as wallet management function;
  4. Completed the construction of the blockchain background management system framework, login function and permission control, as well as the rendering of the record list;
  5. Completed the chain node configuration list, supplementary registration management list, account management list, and contract management list pages;
  6. Added transaction synchronization for cross-chain transactions, blocks and uncle blocks to background management system;


Tested and launched H5 pages.

  1. Launched v1.5.0;
  2. Optimized sonar platform codes.

Development documentation

Developer documentation released both Chinese and English version, searching features available:;

Community Highlights

SimpleChain Global Branding Upgrade AMA

On July 1st, SimpleChain announced global branding upgrade. CoinEx held an AMA with Leo Yu, founding Council member of SimpleChain Foundation. Leo answered questions from the CoinEx community and explained the branding upgrade and more of SimpleChain’s global marketing plan.

Both SIPC and SIMPLE will represent SimpleChain’s native digital asset. In terms of marketing, the name SIMPLE will allow us to present SimpleChain to the global audience as an innovative and trusted solutions to simplify the blockchain for business, and make blockchain a simple, open and efficient tool for all.

After this global branding upgrade, what are SimpleChain’s plans in terms of global marketing and expansion?

The SimpleChain Foundation held an election to add Council members earlier this year. We now have 14 Council members based in different locations around the world, including Poland, Middle East, England, and Singapore and Africa. These Foundation Council members have local resources and connections, which will help us launch applications in these areas.

We’ve already had successful applications in judicial system, copyright protection, gaming & entertainment, charity, social e-commerce, tracing and tracking and offline payment. With global resources and connections, we aim to promote more applications integrating the SimpleChain technology with various kinds of local businesses.

Other than that, we are developing training courses for colleges and universities in China, the Middle East and potentially more areas. With SimpleChain as infrastructure, they will learn to develop their own distributed applications, and eventually contribute to the SimpleChain ecosystem.

In terms of community, we have launched the SimpleChain Community Ambassador Program, recruiting ambassadors worldwide to promote awareness, and to grow and educate local communities. We now have a Vietnamese community and a Japanese community, and we hope to see more talents join us in building a global SimpleChain community.

SimpleChain Lily Live Issue 05: SIPC? SIMPLE?

This week’s Lily Live invited Niya from blockchain media BiXiaoBai. They shared thoughts on SimpleChain’s global branding upgrade.

SIPC is essentially a utility token used in the SimpleChain network. Buying SIPC is more like buying resources than securities. SimpleChain will continue to move forward, and deploy more blockchain applications to allow blockchain technology to truly empower enterprise applications.

About SimpleChain

The mission of SimpleChain is to simplify the blockchain for business.

SimpleChain is a PoW main chain with flexible sub-chains. Different sub-chains can adopt different kinds of consensus and block data structure as needed, to enable a variety of applications and use cases on blockchain. Sharding is also implemented to improve performance. This double-layered structure of one main chain and multiple sub-chains can fuel various applications while ensuring the consistency of the network.

Built on VeraxChain, SimpleChain’s first sub-chain, provides record keeping services which serves to keep records of online data and authenticate electronic evidence. In June 2018, Hangzhou Internet Court of China judged a case of copyright dispute based on data stored on For the first time in China, the legal effect of the electronic data stored on blockchain is recognized in the judicial system. (News link:

Find SimpleChain at:

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Blockchain Explorer:

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— -SIPC Wallet, Mining & Trading — -
Mobile Wallet-SIPC.VIP: download available at

Mobile Wallet-Chainbox: download available at

Browser Plug-In Wallet-SimPlug: guide available at

Mining Client on PC-SimpleNode (can also act as a wallet): download available at

Mining Pools
1. SimPool (Chinese only):
2. MATPool (Chinese only):
3. DXPool (English & Chinese):
Mining Guide with DXPool:

Mining Machine: SimpleNode X1 USB mining machine: 2M hashrate, 5W power use. Please contact @Laurenxy on Telegram if interested.




(Both SIMPLE and SIPC represent SimpleChain’s native digital asset.)



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Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.