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SimpleChain Weekly Report: May 11-May 17

Mainnet Data

Since launching on January 4th 2019, SimpleChain mainnet has been running steadily. Up until May 17th 2020, the amount of total addresses on SimpleChain is 13,706. Average peak computing power is 358.341 GH/S, and average peak difficulty is 4,522 G. The amount of total transactions is 184,721.

Technical Development

SimpleChain 2.0

  1. Reduced contract multi-signature transactions initiated by anchor nodes;
  2. Updated the front-end interface of the new cross-chain protocol;
  3. Encapsulated the cross-chain protocol into a separate service and modified the cross-chain synchronization mechanism;
  4. Deployed multiple nodes and blockchain explorer in Docker (container) cluster;
  5. Added a notary signature mechanism; built cross-chain test network.

Blockchain Explorer

  1. Completed the online test environment deployment of cross-chain transactions;
  2. Added paging and query interface forwarding to the underlying interface;
  3. Fixed bugs.


  1. Added gaslimit estimate to cross-chain transactions;
  2. Fixed bugs. v1.4.1 released:

  1. Updated mining farm BDC data;
  2. Updated the “contact us” section and “about us” page;
  3. Added 404 page;
  4. Fixed bugs.

Community Highlights

B.VIP Whitepaper Release

B. VIP whitepaper was released on May 15th. B.VIP platform is a new digital economy platform and the cornerstone of the development of basic production materials in the future. It takes blockchain technology as the core production factor to combine with other “new infrastructure construction” such as big data, 5G, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, and provides a solid foundation for the upgrading of traditional industries.

SimpleChain Xiamen City Node Launched

With the launch of SimpleChain Xiamen City Node on May 18, SimpleChain City Nodes are now located in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, and Shanghai. In the future, more City Nodes will join the SimpleChain ecosystem from Singapore, London, Tehran, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and other cities. The City Node plan seeks City Node partners who establish a display and activity center in different cities. City Nodes allow users to experience first-hand the development and ecosystem of SimpleChain. Each City Node is equipped with the SimpleChain ChainBox, SimpleNode X1 computing power hardware, and SimpleChain mascot merchandise. Node data on SimpleChain will also be displayed.

The City Node plan is a decentralized community organization built on community incentives. City Node partners can run for SimpleChain Foundation Council members, thereby becoming the opinion leader of the entire community. By promoting City Nodes, SimpleChain combines “on-chain” underlying technology support and “off-chain” smart device applications, as well as online ecosystem with offline experience.

About SimpleChain

The mission of SimpleChain is to simplify the blockchain for business.

SimpleChain is a PoW main chain with flexible sub-chains. Different sub-chains can adopt different kinds of consensus and block data structure as needed, to enable a variety of applications and use cases on blockchain. Sharding is also implemented to improve performance. This double-layered structure of one main chain and multiple sub-chains can fuel various applications while ensuring the consistency of the network.

Built on VeraxChain, SimpleChain’s first sub-chain, provides record keeping services which serves to keep records of online data and authenticate electronic evidence. In June 2018, Hangzhou Internet Court of China judged a case of copyright dispute based on data stored on For the first time in China, the legal effect of the electronic data stored on blockchain is recognized in the judicial system. (News link:

Find SimpleChain at:

— -Overview — -

Blockchain Explorer:

— Community — -

— -SIPC Mining & Trading — -
Mobile Wallet-Chainbox (English & Chinese): download available at

Browser Plug-In Wallet-SimPlug (English & Chinese): guide available at

Mining Client on PC-SimpleNode (English & Chinese, can also act as a wallet): download available at

Mining Pools
1. SimPool (Chinese only):
2. MATPool (Chinese only):
3. DXPool (English & Chinese):
Mining Guide with DXPool:

Mining Machine: SimpleNode X1 USB mining machine: 2M hashrate, 5W power use. Please contact @Laurenxy on Telegram if interested.






SimpleChain is a compatible and practical solution for various distributed applications with double layered design.

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Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.

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