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SimPlug Guide: SIPC Wallet in Your Browser!

Step 1

Visit SimpleChain official website, and download SimPlug plug-in file.

Step 2

Unzip the zip. file that you downloaded to get this folder.

Open this folder and you’ll see a folder by the name of “SimPluG”.

Step 3

Open your Chrome browser, go to chrome://extensions/

Turn on developer mode.

Step 4

Click “Load unpacked”, then choose the folder by the name of “SimPluG”.

After loading, your SimPlug Wallet will be ready to go!

Step 5

Clilck the SimPlug Icon in your browser, and you’ll be able to access the wallet!

You have two options:

  1. Import Account— this is when you already have a wallet on SimpleChain.
  2. Create Account — this option will take you through the steps of creating a new Wallet on SimPlug.

Step 6

Follow the steps and create your SIPC Wallet!

Note: If you create more than one wallet, please back up private keys for all wallets. Seed phrases can only be used to recover the first wallet created under an account. (Click profile picture to back up private key)

About SimpleChain

The mission of SimpleChain is to simplify the blockchain for business.

SimpleChain is a PoW main chain with flexible sub-chains. Different sub-chains can adopt different kinds of consensus and block data structure as needed, to enable a variety of applications and use cases on blockchain. Sharding is also implemented to improve performance. This double-layered structure of one main chain and multiple sub-chains can fuel various applications while ensuring the consistency of the network.

Built on VeraxChain, SimpleChain’s first sub-chain, provides record keeping services which serves to keep records of online data and authenticate electronic evidence. In June 2018, Hangzhou Internet Court of China judged a case of copyright dispute based on data stored on For the first time in China, the legal effect of the electronic data stored on blockchain is recognized in the judicial system. (News link:

Find SimpleChain at:

— -Overview — -

Blockchain Explorer:

— Community — -

— -SIPC Mining & Trading — -
Wallet-Chainbox (Chinese only at the moment): download available at

Mining Client-SimpleNode (English & Chinese, can also act as a wallet): download available at

Mining Pools
1. SimPool (Chinese only):
2. MATPool (Chinese only):
3. DXPool (English & Chinese):
Mining Guide with DXPool:

Mining Machine: SimpleNode X1 USB mining machine: 2M hashrate, 5W power use. Please contact @Laurenxy on Telegram if interested.





SimpleChain is a compatible and practical solution for various distributed applications with double layered design.

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Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.