Why All the Hype About the WHY?

Explain to me again why I should do business with you?

Uh, because I have uh, great products? Uh, I provide a, uh fantastic service?

Well don’t ten others that I can think of? Maybe twelve?

Simply Ending Your Weekend:

Your WHY serves a dual purpose. One internal. The other — external. As the Leader of your organization, team, or just you leading you, pay attention to your WHY.

Sunday Consideration

Internally, when you craft a WHY, it brings meaning and purpose to WHAT you do. To your company? The war cry. To a department or team? Their “rally round the flag” chant.

For you personally, it’s what wakes you up every morning raring to go. Able to eat a frog if it’s required and in your way. Kind of a vivid picture, no?

Externally, it’s the passion a prospect or client sees when you are standing in front of them. The light in your eyes. The heat that emanates and exudes from your core.

It stops them in their tracks and they think, “this is the one I want to do business with.” Period.

That’s why the hype about the WHY…

Try it. You’ll find out WHY!

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