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Learn how SimplePart uses OEM-provided data to develop profitable parts sites for our partners.

Extending your parts counter online is a smart choice, but while you’re entering a bigger pool of opportunity, you’re also swimming with more competition. A parts website will only be as good as the catalog of products and the information it contains. Do you know where your site’s product data is coming from — and why it matters?

Most parts e-commerce providers rely on third-party data to create a catalog of products. While third-party data can be a foundation to build your catalog from, it isn’t as up-to-date, complete or comprehensive as data sourced from the OEM. SimplePart excels in deciphering and enhancing the OEM’s catalog data for e-commerce purposes.

Why use OEM data?

Data sourced from the OEM is consistently more complete and accurate than third-party data. This data includes information about pricing, accessories, inventory, and images, all of which provide a measurable impact on sales.

For example, when OEMs provide us with product weight and dimension data, SimplePart can use this information on our parts websites to display real-time shipping rates to your customers.

Product weight and dimension data allows us to display real-time shipping rates.

Images also have been proven to increase conversions and sales. Data from our business analytics team shows an 18% increase in sales for products with color images, compared to those without. Their data also shows an additional 23% increase in cart conversion rate for products with color images.

Not to mention, color images provide an additional benefit because SimplePart uses them to market your products in third-party marketplaces, some of which require a color image.

Another useful set of data is inventory information. When an OEM provides SimplePart with access to their inventory data, it gives a better idea of warehouse stock as well as inventory at a regional and/or national level. Accurate inventory data means quicker order processing, faster order turnaround for customers, and savings on labor costs related to order fulfillment.

When it comes down to it, data sourced from OEMs is more accurate and comprehensive than data from a third-party. And our partnerships with OEMs mean we’re able to provide a better, more accurate product catalog for you.

SimplePart is here to help you understand what information is currently available in your catalog and find ways to improve it. You can always contact our in-house support team at or by calling (888) 843–0425, to find out more.


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