The Pursuit for More is Costing Us More than We Know

Chasing more is not working for many of us. The ‘more is better’ mantra has a gaping hole in it. Worse, it’s costing us more than we care to admit.

Is the pursuit of more meaning we get to spend quality time with our friends and family?

Is the pursuit of more meaning we get to make time for our hobbies and passion projects?

Is the pursuit of more meaning we get to go on that dream holiday we promised the kids several years ago?

Is more leading to less stress in our lives?

Is saying yes to more meaning we get quality work done? Quality work not quantity of work. Work that makes a positive difference.

If the answer is yes, great — let’s keep on chasing more. If the answer is no, then maybe we need to step back and ask a bigger question:

Why are we spending time invested in more if more is not working for us?

The Truth

The truth is, the pursuit of more is costing us.

It is costing us financially.

It is causing stress.

It is causing us to break promises to those that matter most to us.

It is taking a toll on our health.

It is keeping us on a conveyer belt with no end.

Simply put, the pursuit for more is costing us more than we should be willing to pay.

Note: This is an extract from my latest book Need Less, Live More: Treading Lightly in a World of More

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