Waiting on Clarity

As creatives we often get in our own way before we’ve really begun. There are several challenges and potential hurdles we must face up to regularly.

The fear that no one will read our words.

The procrastination and waiting for everything to be just so.

The crushing pressure of perfection.


The fear of others not liking our work/art.

While some of these are about us facing down internal pressure and fear, there’s also an element of us waiting on clarity.

We want clarity that this idea is our best idea. That this is the best use of our time and energy right now. That this is the right time to release our idea to the world.

The truth is, waiting on clarity is a form a procrastination. It’s us giving ourselves permission not to take action. It’s us giving ourselves permission to stay in the safe zone of not committing our ideas to the cold light of day.

The clarity we seek will never come unless we get out of the blocks. We must take action if we wish for our ideas to become something tangible. To consider ourselves creatives, we must create after all.

Carl writes short books full of big ideas. He is also the proud owner of Frictionless Living which is focused on helping readers live simpler, finding focus and clarity in distracted times.