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For the past few years, the hype surrounding educational platforms and language learning apps has reminded me of the amazing potential of technology in our lives. As a third culture kid, my love of languages has always been a part of my life and apps like Duolingo have really helped me grow my ambitions and practice my skills.

Duolingo: A language learning platform that offers 59 different courses across 23 languages; with 23 additional courses currently in development. (VB)

The platform uses a different variety of learning techniques to maximize retention and allows users to practice their reading, writing and speaking skills while at the same time continuing to be a really fun, addicting game. As a result, Duolingo has grown because it has created an immersive experience that is more engaging than traditional language learning software.

Not only is Duolingo dominating the language learning market but it has now released Tinycards, a new flashcard app that allows users to learn about different topics that are not just languages. This is particularly exciting because it integrates user-generated content by letting users create their own flashcards to share with the world.

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By creating Tinycards, Duolingo has expanded its ability to provide value for its customers by making a simple app as a part of the broader educational realm. I truly believe that one of the most meaningful things we can do is to keep learning and expanding our skillsets, and these types of apps are the ones that give us the ability to do so in an entertaining and practical way.

If you’ve been meaning to learn a new language or practice your old skills, or are just bored and want to get better at something, there is no better place to start right now than Duolingo and Tinycards.


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