SIMPLIFYING TECH: Instagram Stories

Source: The Verge

As of now, I’m sure you have heard about Instagram’s new highly talked about update:

Instagram Stories: A new Instagram feature that lets users share photos and videos (that disappear after 24 hours) to their followers.

The controversy surrounding this update comes as no surprise, since Instagram stories is incredibly similar to Snapchat’s popular stories component. While both platform’s features have some different elements, the concept is pretty much the same.

Currently, Instagram Stories only lets users incorporate emojis, text and drawings to their photos/videos but I’m sure they will add more editing tools in the future like Snapchat did.

Source: Instagram

This was an incredibly smart move by Instagram, seeing as the attention on Snapchat only keeps growing. This update is a BIG one and it is really important when looking at the platforms dominating this space. It is a key move from the Instagram/Facebook team since they are constantly trying to outdo their rivals in capturing the most market attention.

Not only is this a smart move but it is also a great update. The UI is beautiful, it was really well executed — and this is just the first version of this update. That’s quite remarkable.

However, this doesn’t mean that Snapchat is going to die away. Even though Instagram created a really intuitive, attractive product, it will in no way stop Snapchat’s incredible ability to innovate and create new things. We’ve seen this for quite some time, with the new features they have added to their platform, which have been incredibly successful. There is no doubt in my mind that this will continue to happen and Instagram’s update will only act as an incentive for Snapchat to continue to maximize their creativity.

As a result, this competition will create a really interesting dynamic that will undoubtedly bring new ideas and technological advancements to the hands of consumers.

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