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While most of you have heard the words “vinyl” and “turntable” before, I’m not sure all of you have heard about —

VNYL: A company that curates and sends their subscribers a selection of 3 records for $39 a month.


TRNTBL: A record player that from the company VNYL that can detect what songs you are playing, connect to Spotify and stream audio wirelessly to other devices.

We’re clearly living in an increasingly digital age that is obsessed with retro trends and analog devices. A few years ago, vinyl became popular again and with the advent of companies like VYNL, this trend has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon.

VNYL has been called “the early Netflix of records” due to how its subscription service works. However, it is much smarter than Netflix used to be when it delivered physical DVDs since VNYL uses your Spotify, Soundclousd, and other accounts to personalize their shipments.

With a lot of stores selling ridiculously overpriced records, VNYL’s $39/month charge makes sense for customers that enjoy new music and want to grow their record collections.

Source: VNYL

TRNTBL on the other hand focuses on the physical aspect of playing the aforementioned records, with a digital twist. This product is perfect for all the audiophiles out there that can dish out over $400 for a turntable.

Source: TRNTBL

Despite the high price tag, with all of its original features, the TRNTBL is one of the first beautifully designed products that integrates the beauty of analog music and the ease of digital music services optimized for sharing.

The TRNTBL ships this summer and I’m excited to see how consumers react and whether it will inspire other companies to compete in this market in the future.

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