Fell Out Of Love With Your Job? LinkedIn Is Your Dating App.

7 things you can do to make your profile irresistible — besides posting a resume.

Somewhere out there is that dreamy job you’ve been fantasizing about ever since you were writing “Mr. and Mrs. Krispy Kreme Nightshift Manager” — in loopy cursive script dotted with hearts — back in high school.

And lucky you, now that we have the interwebs, you don’t have to depend on your best friend passing a note up to the cute company in the front row that says “Will you be my forever employer? Choose [Y] or [N]”.

Now you’ve got LinkedIn.

But finding that perfect match still takes a little effort if you’re going to make a great first impression. It’s not enough to create a laundry list of job titles and work experience. You need to let them see the real you.

So here’s a few tips to make your profile irresistible.

Tip #1: Provide A Little Background (Image)

A good background image can give a glimpse into your goals and personality.

It’s the first thing a potential match will see, so use it to show off a little bit of what you’re all about.

Are you funny? Business-serious? Irreverent? Choose an image that not only speaks to who you are and what you do, but who you want to be. And there’s no harm in giving it a little personality as well.

Johnny Campbell’s background image is inspirational, fun, and matches his tagline “Helping everyday professionals find their “Inner Ninja” since 2010 | socialtalent.co.”


  • You can upload JPG, GIF or PNG
  • Keep it under 4MB.
  • Pixel dimensions between 1000 x 425 and 4000 x 4000

Tip #2: Show Off Your Pretty Face

The eyes, they say, are windows to the soul.

So if you want prospective matches to get lost in your limpid pools of mystery, “putting a face with the name” is critical. Make it current, accessible, and representative of your personal brand.

Don’t use an avatar. No pictures of butterflies, Homer Simpson, or your new car. Save that stuff for Facebook.

Avinash Kaushik has a professional but intimate photo (the close cropping and eyeline draw you in), and he’s consistent with it across his many channels.


  • You can upload JPG, GIF or PNG
  • Keep it under 10MB.
  • Your photo should be square. The ideal pixel size for your photo is 400 x 400. If either width or height exceeds 20,000 pixels, your photo will not upload.

Tip #3: Headline Your Passion

Now it’s time to share your deepest passions.

Write a headline that grabs your potential match’s attention and makes them curious. Play to your strengths, and reveal what really turns you on… professionally.


Think about the aspects of your career or projects that makes you warm and fuzzy inside. Then spin that in the context of “what I do.”

Tip #4: Be Accessible (URL)

Don’t be shy, hiding behind an anonymous string of random numbers.

Creating a custom URL makes it easier for people to find you through organic search.


If your ideal URL isn’t available, use your initials and last name, or throw in a middle name as well.

Tip #5: Open Up And Tell Your Story (Summary)

Your Summary is like a first date.

And just like your first date, don’t be a bore talking about work, reeling off your resume… yawn. Spice it up a little — make it creative — keep your match engrossed. Talk about how you got where you are, and what motivated you to get there. Talk about what you have planned for your future.

Plus, share links to articles you’ve written, or videos you’ve posted.


Avoid third-person narrative — you’re not Elmo. Use the first person, telling your story directly to them in your voice.

Tip #6: Share Your Achievements and Interests

What else in your life are you proud of?

If you’ve got a fascinating hobby, root for a special team, volunteer for a great cause, or won an award for being awesome at something, talk about it. These are all opportunities to find shared interests that can bring you closer together.


Emphasize achievements over skills, since ultimately your match is more interested in finding out what you’ve achieved with the skills you’ve got than a laundry list of skills with no real-world context.

Tip #7: Introduce Them To Your Friends

You can tell a lot about someone from their friends.

If you’ve got good relationships with impressive colleagues, take advantage of them. Ask for Recommendations, especially from former managers, high level clients, and colleagues in positions of responsibility.

Interest and appreciation from others makes you all the more attractive.

Courtesy: Greg Jarboe


Endorsements are okay, but not as impressive as Recommendations. It’s easy to tick a box, but it’s not so easy to write up a personal story about how great you are. That makes Recommendations way more valuable.

They’ll Be Knocking Down The Door

Take the time to build a great, personalized, intimate, and attractive LinkedIn profile, and you’ll have all the popular employers begging to take you to the dance.

And trust me, it’s nice to have options.

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