Do you know who this man is?

To most of you this man below would be unrecognisable…

What happens when I present you with this image, is this person still unrecognisable?

If you didn’t guess that this was Leonardo DiCaprio — I suggest you find a copy of Titanic and a box of Kleenex and discover his acting talent for yourself — however this example teaches us a powerful lesson.

In this New Year, many of us may have made goals related to success in our careers or to furthering our own personal or company brand. However pursuing success for the sake of success, or fame for the sake of fame itself can amount to being a fruitless path.

Often the greatest achievers in our world are individuals who may have their feats and accomplishments go unrecognised. They also may be imbued with the humility to mask or turn down fame-related opportunities in favour of a more simple existence, perhaps to assist them with focusing on their work or to provide a greater platform for helping others.

Going back to the pictures — the man in the first photograph is Maurice Hilleman — an American microbiologist who developed over 40 vaccines including those for measles, mumps, hepatitis A & B, chickenpox, meningitis and pneumonia. His achievements and contribution to human history far out way those of many common celebrities or people in the media, yet he would probably go unrecognised.

Perhaps a take away from this post is to not fear having a small profile — as some of the greatest deeds can be done without fans, followers or money. Also the epitome of success is not fame, fortune or being known as a thought leader — it may also not amount to your face being recognised; but in fact lies in your own self belief that you have made a large, lasting impact on humanity at large.

With this in mind and potentially some of your New Years goals already in danger of being broken — perhaps take a moment to think about what you do and how those actions go on to help others. as this path is ultimately the more rewarding that simply helping yourself.

I joined Safesite, not for the money or the recognition — but to have the ability to actually save human lives everyday from the software we create. Without us, hundreds of families this year would find their fathers and mothers returning home with potentially long lasting or even fatal injuries. To this day, I haven’t found any other job more rewarding.

Best of luck in the year ahead

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Best of luck in the year ahead