Monitoring your Pocket Infrastructure using PANIC

Francesco Cremona
Aug 20 · 2 min read

Monitoring is a crucial part of any blockchain infrastructure operation, due to their critical uptime requirement. This is especially the case for nodes operating on the Pocket network, where consumers require the on-demand use of the decentralised nodes’ API services.

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Follow this guide to install PANIC for Cosmos on a VM separate to your Pocket nodes: PANIC — Installing an Emergency Notification System for your Cosmos Validator

Changing configuration

To properly monitor Pocket nodes, due to the network’s relatively high block times (15 minutes), compared to other Tendermint based chains (on average around 6–7s block time), we must change PANIC’s internal config. This is found within the config folder of panic_cosmos.

Open the config/internal_config.ini file and replace the following parameters:

max_missed_blocks_interval_seconds defines the window within which the missed blocks calculation is calculted. By default, PANIC alerts if your validator misses 10 blocks within 120 seconds, or 2 minutes. We shall change this to 9100 seconds, which is around 2.5 hours.

[ORIGINAL]  max_missed_blocks_interval_seconds = 120
[NEW] max_missed_blocks_interval_seconds = 9100

max_missed_blocks_in_time_interval defines the amount of missed blocks the validator should miss before PANIC alerts. In this case, we will lower the number from 10 to 2 blocks.

[ORIGINAL]  max_missed_blocks_in_time_interval = 10
[NEW] max_missed_blocks_in_time_interval = 2

Stay tuned to Simply VC for more Pocket and PANIC related guides:

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