5 Reasons to List your Business on Directories and Marketplaces

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4 min readOct 16, 2019
Directory or Marketplace?

If you want to get more clients, you need to spread your message wider. It’s easy to reach your immediate circle of clients and their friends, but how do you reach the people who have never heard of you? While the world searches out new business on their smartphones, listing your business in online directories could bring you the new clients you need.

What’s the difference between Directories and Marketplaces?

Traditionally, directories have been simple listing resources, with filtering options by name and industry. A typical listing would show the title, the type of business and a phone number (or an email address if it was a purely online directory). An example is the long-standing Yellow Pages. You submit your business details and the directory controls the listing, probably charging a premium if you want a website link, photos or other promotional material on there.

Marketplaces differ in several ways, not least because they are usually the province of products, not services. Listing your business on a marketplace gives you, the business owner, the ability to edit the listing. Allowing you to keep your products and services offerings up to date, and relevant. The responsibility for maintaining a marketplace listing current is on the business owner. Two very famous examples of product marketplaces are Amazon and Etsy. Two service marketplaces are Treatwell and Booking.page

How do you benefit from registering your business on these sites?

There are some obvious benefits to listing your business on a directory or marketplace, but there are some more subtle ones too.

Online visibility

You knew this already. Adding your business to a Directory or Marketplace makes it easy for users to find you. You get another slice of internet real estate dedicated to your business. You make your business more accessible by increasing the number of channels through which a customer can find you.

Improve SEO

Leading on from online visibility; improved SEO (search engine optimisation) is the technical side of having multiple slices of the internet dedicated to your business. When you list your business name on directories, the link to your website becomes a valuable backlink for SEO purposes. With your business name listed on a directory, your ranking for a local search will also improve, even without clients finding you on the directory.

Direct and Indirect Inbound Marketing

When clients go to a directory, they could be looking for your business, or they could be looking for any business in your industry. They might not even know you exist. If a customer searches for <Dermatology clinic in Manhattan> in a directory, your business will show up with every other dermatologist in the Manhattan area. If yours is closer, easier to get to, has a better review rating or has a better image, the client looking for a dermatologist is likely to find you over a competitor. At the same time, people looking for your specific business will find it, too.


What a company is looking for partnership opportunities or a project in which to invest, they’ll check the directories. A company that offers products or services that are complementary to yours and wants to build a partnership with you will check the directories and marketplaces.

Improve Reputation

Most directories allow for ranking and reviewing of businesses that people have visited. When an indirect customer finds your business through a directory or marketplace, your reputation is there for them to see. If they can see your reputation, they are more likely to choose you. Having your reputation shown in more than one place spreads the word more effectively than a single review point ever could.

Additionally, a directory or marketplace that allows for listing businesses according to ratings might put your listing near the top — assuming you have an excellent reputation.

Directory or Marketplace?

As I listed the differences above, It’s probably a good idea to know which one with suit your business better.

Directories list businesses. It doesn’t matter whether they are product-based, service-based or retail you can list a business on a directory (assuming it isn’t an industry-specific directory). You will get your company title, a brief description, contact details, and maybe an image and rating.

That’s it, you give the directory your details, and you don’t have to do anything else. If a client finds you on the directory, they will then leave the directory to visit a store, to go a website, make an appointment, or however they want to interact with the business.

Directories are a good way of spreading the word without much effort on your part. That’s not a bad thing and can have a beneficial yet passive impression on your online visibility.

Marketplaces give you the power to sell your products or services through them. That might mean listing your products, allowing clients to book your services through them, or facilitating a consultation. With the additional power to sell through a marketplace comes the additional responsibility of keeping your listings current. Marketplace selling isn’t usually a completely passive channel.

A marketplace listing gives greater scope for client interaction and active selling. What you might not realise is that every time the marketplace advertises itself, it’s also leading potential clients to your business too. The more visitors the marketplace receives, the more potential clients can find your business, products or services.

If you want to spread your name about without much effort or input, directories are a good option. Marketplaces are great for increased interaction and selling. For the best results, mixing up your exposure on both registry types is a good call.

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