Our POC2 — Counterfeit Risk Detector is out!

Rita Yang
Rita Yang
Dec 7, 2018 · 4 min read

We, at simplyBrand are committed to fight online counterfeiting. For us, this is not just a business proposition; it is a deep-rooted desire to weed out products that not only create financial and reputation losses for reputed brands and unknowing marketplaces, but also personally harm the customers. For us, the fact that a fake product could enter so deeply into our everyday ecosystem — a bubble of safety and security — was alarming.

With AI and blockchain, complemented by the indefatigable human layer of intervention, something we call “decentralized verification,” we are creating the next level online anti-counterfeit platform that will create a comprehensive hurdle at the market level, something that will create huge financial losses for the counterfeiter and reputation losses for unscrupulous sites that allow such bad actors to use their platforms for selling fakes.

As promised to you, we are on the right track as far as our developmental activities are concerned. We have already created our MVP, a cool and user-friendly DApp and our first Proof of Concept, the Impact Calculator. Both of these were appreciated by our community members and now, we are launching our second Proof of Concept, or POC2, the Counterfeit Risk Detector. If the POC1 showed you to see the head of the counterfeit monster, the POC2 will allow you to catch hold of its tail!

We are extremely proud of our POC2, the concept of which we had elucidated in our White Paper. The POC2 is part of our mature phase when we create a new area within the simplyBrand ecosystem that allows users to actually find the probability of a particular product from a url being fake. While the concept looks simple, cutting edge technology is at work behind the screens.

On the screen, users can type/copy-paste a url from any online marketplace. This url is usually for a product they have liked and wish to buy. The deal is good, the image looks great. But how can you be sure that it is an authentic product?

To find out, all you need to do is just copy the url and paste it onto the search box. When you hit “search,” the information (as seen) fill up the screen. It shows you the product image, its name and the name of the marketplace from where you picked it up, along with its price. But what you can also see is the all-important “fake probability.” This figure, in percent, is the probability that the chosen product is fake. So it follows, that higher the percentage, greater is the chance that you might be sucked into buying a fake if you go through with completing the transaction.

However, it doesn’t end here. If you see below, you will see “Authentic Recommendations” of the same product at other urls. These could be on the same marketplace or a different one. However, you will get information regarding the site, the url and the price, so that you can take an informed buying decision with regards to the product that you love.

The release of PoC2 will attract e-commerce platforms to join the simplyBrand ecosystem as it can help them identify counterfeit retailers within their platforms and help protect their brand image and that of the reputed brands that they are hosting via multiple retailers. The POC2 will also allow the creation of the counterfeit retailer blacklist that will then be put on the blockchain for public access of the information we have accumulated. The counterfeit retailer’s information and products they are selling will be included on this comprehensive blacklist. The blacklist will be immutable — its contents can never be erased or edited, only amended to reflect their current status as counterfeit or legitimate retailers.

We invite you to join us as we take the fight against online counterfeiting to the next level. Join us on out Telegram group to get first hand information of our developmental activities and also engage with our active community.

To share your thoughts and ideas, please write to us at sasha.zavertailo@simplybrand.com.

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Making Digital Commerce Trustworthy through Blockchain, AI and You, Because Every Purchase Matters.

Rita Yang

Written by

Rita Yang

Head of Business Development, simplyBrand


Making Digital Commerce Trustworthy through Blockchain, AI and You, Because Every Purchase Matters.

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