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When one thinks of democracy the most common thought is elections that happen once every few years and politicians who make it to national media. The daily struggles of a neighborhoods are never considered in the context of democracy. But if one thinks about it — neighborhood governance makes the most direct impact on the lives of people. While the past made it harder for local participation in the neighborhood, technology is changing this and allowing increased participation of residents in their local neighborhood decision making.

A country like India sees upwards of 60% of voters casting ballots in national…

Times are changing and the world is becoming more localized — where what is happening in one’s immediate vicinity is becoming more important. There are many reasons for this such as the trend and excitement of globalization is now mature, environmental benefits of connecting locally rather than further away are more important today and possibly a more settled group of people who now see themselves in a particular place for a longer term.

In the last week of March 2021, we at Simply Local conducted a survey to understand what in a neighborhood social network would be useful to residents…

As our technocratic overlords silence our opinions, invade our privacy, and snuff out our natural right to free speech, hordes of liberty-minded individuals have recently flocked to alternative social media apps in search of an honest platform. And, once you start looking, you’ll find no shortage of alt-tech options. There are a lot to choose from; but, here are some of our faves:

Simply Local

Consumer Led Product Development to get true Product-User Fit.

In late December 2018 when the iOS version of Simply Local was released the goal of the app was not to be another social network but to be a simple neighborhood communication tool. Almost two and a half years later from starting with very basic features to now — Simply Local has evolved into a beast of a social networking app with many advanced user features. The evolution occurred because of our consumer led product development with a single minded focus to find the perfect product-user fit.

Simply Local was the second product we were working on the first being…

Do you know who your neighbors are? If you live in an exclusive neighborhood, then there’s a good chance that you live near a celebrity and don’t even know it. Download Simply Local — Neighborhood Directory and Broadcasting and snoop around to see which global superstar calls your neighborhood“home.” Or, just take a look at the list of celebrities below to find out if you happen to reside close to one of the biggest names on the globe:

Cristiano Ronaldo — Borgo Po, Turin, Italy

Try the Simply Local app if none of the following 7 reasons to stay the hell away from your neighbors apply to you. But, either way, please enjoy.

You want to be social, fit in, and have something resembling a life. But, so far, you’ve failed. The guys at the gym want nothing to do with you. The girls at the bar always point and laugh when they think you’re not looking. And, even the priest at your temple seems to hold his breath until you’re downwind. So, why bother? There are more reasons to stay away from your neighbors…

Branch out within your local community and create a lasting, real-world support network after discovering our top 5 best ways to meet your neighbors. Whether you just moved into a new neighborhood or feel like making a new friend, there are a bunch of things that you can do that’ll help you connect with those that live closest to you. Here’s how:

Throw a Housewarming Party

Make a statement to the whole neighborhood that you’re fun to be around by throwing a housewarming party! Like ripping a Band-Aid off all at once, hosting a house warming party allows you to…

Simply Local

Connecting Neighbors Safely Like Never Before!

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