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Celo Wallet Guide: A CeloCLI + Ledger cheat sheet for cGLD holders

Latest update: May 2020

This guide will go through the basic commands that cGLD holders will need to run on the Celo network. This will allow interaction with the Celo Protocol and manage Celo Gold holdings.

If you haven’t already, check out our Step-By-Step cGLD Ledger Tutorial.

The official CeloCLI documentation can be found here: Introduction — Celo Docs.

Quick reference:

  1. Connecting to a Celo node
  2. Generating Celo addresses
  3. Checking your account and locked token balance
  4. Sending transactions of cGLD or cUSD
  5. Staking cGLD tokens

Connecting to a Celo node

The CeloCLI tool must be set to interact with a synced Celo node to be able to transact and query for blockchain data.

celocli config:set --node

Generating Celo addresses

Ledger Nano’s are able to generate 1000s of addresses, with each address having its own index.

Generate the first address of the ledger by running the following command:

celocli account:list --useLedger --ledgerAddresses 1

This outputs both the account that is present on the Celo node, and also the Ledger’s address. The outputs will be categorised as follows, so as to not confuse between the node (Keystore) and Ledger addresses.

Example query: Generating 1 Celo address from a Ledger Nano

Changing the ledgerAddresses parameter will produce further addresses:

Example query: Generating 5 Celo addresses from a Ledger Nano

Checking your account and locked token balance

celocli account:balance <your-address>
Example query: Checking an address’ balance

Sending transactions of cGLD or cUSD

celocli transfer:gold --from=<your-address> --to=<to-address> --value=<amount> --useLedger --ledgerAddresses Xcelocli transfer:dollars --from=<your-address> --to=<to-address> --value=<amount> --useLedger --ledgerAddresses X

Example transaction:

Example transaction: Sending a Celo Gold transactions

Staking cGLD tokens

This process involves the following:

  1. Register your account to be able to lock Celo Gold and participate in the Celo Protocol operations.
celocli account:register --from <your-address> --ledgerAddresses=1 --useLedger

2. Locking your cGLD tokens. Make sure to leave at least 5 cGLD unlocked for fees.

celocli lockedgold:lock --from <your-address> --value <number> --ledgerAddresses=1 --useLedger
Example transaction: Lock an amount of cGLD

3. Ensure the Gold was locked successfully.

celocli lockedgold:show <your-address> --ledgerAddresses=1 --useLedger
Example query: Checking an account’s locked gold status

4. Vote for your preferred Validator Group. The Validator Group must have an elected validator to earn rewards from voting your Celo Gold.

celocli election:vote --from <your-address> --for <validator-group-address> --value 1000000 --ledgerAddresses=1 --useLedger
Example transaction: Voting for a validator group

If you’re looking for a Validator Group to vote for, our Simply Staking validator group ( 0xAcdf897493A6000dbe256791E8A2beCbb405FD4F ) incorporates validators operated from our private and security-focused datacentre in Malta, led by a team with years of experience operating within the blockchain space.

5. Votes must be activated after the epoch in which they are submitted, to begin earning rewards. Epochs on Celo currently last 24 hours. This means that this command must be run 24+ hours after casting of votes.

celocli election:activate --from <your-address> --ledgerAddresses=1 --useLedger

Trying to activate votes prior to the current epoch ending will result in the following message:

Example transaction: Activating an account’s election votes

6. Confirm votes were cast by checking your account’s election votes cast.

celocli election:show 0x97f7333c51897469E8D98E7af8653aAb468050a3 --voter
Example query: Checking an account’s voting status

I hope you find this step-by-step guide useful! I would be happy to hear your thoughts and answer any questions on Twitter

Stay tuned to Simply VC for more Celo guides and documentation:

Find out more about Celo:



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