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“Our end goal is becoming a global sim racing hub”

While developing Simthunder, our sim racing assets marketplace, we met an individual who recognizes the potential of gaming & crypto and was thinking of launching the same concept. Meet Kris, who has been building the awareness of our project in the sim racing community.

Kris joined the Simracer Coin team in 2021 as a partnership manager, with the key responsibility to make our project more known. We believe that we can make eSports more profitable for sim racers and Kris is working hard to achieve this goal. So far, he has closed multiple partnerships, sponsoring leagues and sharing tokens with their winners. But this is just the beginning.

Kris explains what we see as the future of our Simthunder project: “Our end goal is to become a global simracing hub, which is as ambitious as we should be. We believe that blockchain integrations bring large potential to sim racing as it makes play-to-earn much more accessible to every day gamers, instead of only the very few top racers. Monetising the leagues will allow talent to grow. Our project can help talent bring their best game, reward them and potentially even transform them into real racers.”

Benefits for gamers would extend beyond winning races. Kris sees two key areas where our marketplace will bring value: “Whether it is real life Formula 1 or sim racing, there is so much quality content for people to consume. Crypto opens up the world of NFTs and being able to not only consume, but even own and sell epic race highlights. On top of that, aren’t we all curious to learn what’s under the hood of the big players? Our marketplace will allow racers to e.g. sell their setup files, inspiring other gamers and developing an extra source of income.”

Alongside the development of our Simthunder marketplace, Kris has been building our awareness among leagues and racers. One of the leagues we have been working with is the Rayner Racing League (image above). Kris: “Most leagues hosts their series in their free time for the love of the sport. Our token helps them professionalize and lowers the entry barrier for participants, for instance by building the prize pot from our sponsored tokens, instead of asking for an entry fee”.

We are engaged with a lot of leagues and teams and are looking forward to update you with much more news soon. Anyone working in the sim racing space with interest in working with us, can reach out via our website

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