Welcome to the Sims NFT Museum.

Anthony Sims
Apr 7 · 2 min read
The Sims Museum’s Collection

The Sims Museum was founded with the intention to collect New School Expressionist in the NFT space. As time passed, the museum continued to spark public interest. I then purchased my second parcel of land in Decentraland and built the Sims Museum.

At the current moment in time my museum holds eleven art pieces by eleven different artists. Some artists in the collection are XCOPY, Jonathan Wolfe, Bluboy, Suryanto, and Femzor.

Our mission.

The Sims Museum has focused mainly on collecting NFTs by abstract expressionist, however in light of recent events the Sims Museum has a new plan to help develop the buying, selling, and trading of NFTs with the technology created by Fractional.

Therefore, our goal is to develop a way for groups of collectors to donate to our museum by investing their crypto into owning a percentage of an NFT. The museum would host and display the full NFT in our digital building while the collectors assets are apart of their personal wallet.

Now, how does this move the NFT space forward? The goal of any museum is to preserve and maintain historical artworks but the issue is that real museum’s don’t buy art and NFT collectors don’t donate art for obvious reasons.

Why not meet in the middle?

The Sims Museum aims to create an environment where collectors can own a portion of historical NFT’s and simultaneously contribute to helping build public exhibitions. Beyond our museum — this concept can be taken beyond art where in the future you can mint a house on the blockchain or a commercial building and own percentages of that asset. The real question here is how can we make NFTs absorb each other or maybe there is a different route we can go in terms of programming. As of right now all of this is still theoretical and I am looking for people interested in helping me build out this project. Thank you for the interest in the museum.

Museum located on parcel 39, -111 in Decentraland.

Visit our website simsmuseum.org

Follow us on twitter @simsmuseum

Sims Museum

The official editorial for the Sims Museum.

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