15 Signs You Are Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be

In other words, you are finally learning what it means to truly live.

Photo by Greg Rosenke of Unsplash

It’s normal for each of us to question where we are in relation to the accomplishment of our goals and plans for our life. Oftentimes, we can lose sight of the reasons why we are even moving in the direction of each. In these moments, it is important that we…



This publication is intended to make you feel empowered and fulfilled by the end of each article. Having abandoned the belief that ‘living many lives’ is a negative, I have made it my mission to leverage personal experiences in an effort to remind more people they are not alone.

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Madison Epting

Madison Epting


Wanderer. Empath. Partner. Spiritually Grounded. Owner of the Sincerely Madison E Publication. Author of “Unapologetically Human” - available on Amazon