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Sinewav3 Mission

When the journey is long, remember where you’re going. And why. Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash


Create the easiest and most intuitive web-based 3D music visualization and video creation platform in existence.


We serve two audiences. Both of them will guide every decision we make.

Music Producers

Like us, many music producers we’ve talked to say they’d love to have a tool that lets them orchestrate visual accompaniment to their work for upload to popular video services.

Of course, these talented folks could easily create such videos themselves using Blender and other freely available tools. The panoply of sequencers, audio editors, and DAW systems they work with daily are easily as complex as any video production toolchain. It’s just that if such a person is going to go to that much trouble, they’re usually inclined to create a new track instead.

Our ideal music producer wants something easy, quick, and fun, but also customizable enough to create truly unique visuals.

We want very much to create that tool.

Plugin Developers

We’re not funded (or even looking).

Therefore we need help creating all the amazing, whiz-bang gadgets and effects that will make music producers dream about us at night. It would take far too long if we did it all ourselves.

That’s why we’re building a plugin marketplace.

Visualization projects combine configurable plugins to create visuals. Building the platform is a serious undertaking, but at the end of the day, plugins are everything.

Developers who know JavaScript and Three.js can build plugins that respond to music right inside our application with the least possible amount of effort. No build process or development tools are required, just show up with a browser that knows WebGL and Web Audio API and you’re good to go.

Submit your plugin for publication and, when approved, others will be able to use them in their projects. And whenever someone pays us to create a video, the plugin developers who contributed will share in the revenue.

We will always be working to improve the process, documentation, and tools that Sinewav3 developers use to help us make the magic happen.

Developers are encouraged to join the Slack discussion about advancing the platform.


The Sinewav3 platform was originally a slick demo put together in mid-2016 by my partner and long-time friend Adam Houghton. He posted to his friends on Facebook that he was thinking about creating a web-based tool for musicians to create videos for their music. My hand went up immediately.

This sort of thing was right up both our allies, and it looked like a great idea.

The market for such a tool wasn’t (and still isn’t) saturated, we definitely have a chance to make an impact. And even if new players show up, they only help to define the bounds of the market.

Between us we have enough coding, music production, and 3D experience to make this something we’d love to create, and to use ourselves.

And most importantly, we’d love it enough to see it through, even if it took years to pull off.

We are all up in this thing.




A web-based music visualization and video creation tool for artists and developers. Artists: Easily choreograph 3D visual accompaniment for your music. Developers: Use Three.js, WebGL, and our API to create amazing plugins and share the revenue when they’re used commercially.

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