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Using the Camera Ease Plugin

Hang on to your camera, it’s gonna move quickly. Photo by Lyndsey Marie on Unsplash

Today, I’m super excited to show you the first plugin using the newly added easing capabilities of Sinewav3. It’s called Camera Ease and it moves the camera in an organic-feeling way within your scene.

Essentially, it takes a starting position and an ending position in space and moves the camera between those two points using an easing curve. You control when the motion starts, how long it takes to complete, the easing curve (elastic and bounce are fun) to use, and can even loop the motion.

Here’s a brand new video that explains everything…

Happy visualizing!




A web-based music visualization and video creation tool for artists and developers. Artists: Easily choreograph 3D visual accompaniment for your music. Developers: Use Three.js, WebGL, and our API to create amazing plugins and share the revenue when they’re used commercially.

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