Alternative way to host your Blockchain node service- Chainstack

Should I run my own node?

How to use it?

Join network:

How to use?

const Web3 = require('web3');let ws = 'wss://';var web3 = new Web3(ws);web3.eth.subscribe('pendingTransactions',(error, txhash) =>{if(!error){
     web3.eth.getTransaction(txhash,(error, tx) =>{
         //filter transaction >= 1 ether
         if(tx.value >= 1000000000000000000){   
          console.log(web3.utils.fromWei(tx.value, 'ether')," ether");
console.log("error :", error);

Finally, do we need to hold and maintain a node ourselves?

The advantages of executing your own node:

  • Only trust yourself
  • Choice autonomy — When choosing a third party provider, you may be worried about whether the third party will perform hard forks and soft forks and be forced to follow a third party provider. If you maintain it yourself, you can choose which chain to choose.
  • Security and privacy — When you choose a third party provider, usually the other party asks you to provide personal data. Is this data related to your wallet or transaction? This third party will have access to information about your transactions, as well as any personal data you give them as service providers. Third parties also can analyze your services and materials through your link, in order to eliminate such doubts It is recommended that you still own and maintain the node.

The disadvantages of executing your own nodes:

  1. Eats disk space and RAM — running a full node does require significant disk space. Initial synchronization with the network requires you download the entire blockchain data — from the very first block to the latest. Bitcoin Core and Ethereum require around 200 GB of free disk space to perform this process.
  • Bandwidth use — Bitcoin’s recommended minimum bandwidth use is 5 GB/day — upload and 500 MB/day — download.
  • You have to keep it on — Once you start, you can’t stop unless your service stops. You have to run node 24/7. In additional, hosting your node on someone else’s servers comes with two cons: you have to pay rent and you have to trust your third party provider.

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