ChatGPT’s Coming for You!

So embrace it today.

  • Have you heard? We are coming up with Pair. Soon our jobs of writing will be obsolete! (see link)
  • Does that mean our jobs of policy analysis and horizon scanning will soon be replaced by AI?
  • You mean policy reviews can be done by AI? Wait, you mean even writing minutes and functional emails can be done by AI?

Understand Your True Role

  • “Yong Kiat, the best solution is always a no-code solution. Because a code-free solution is bug-free! So that’s why we don’t just keep thinking of what new features to code in order to solve a problem. ”
  • “I don’t know really know how to describe it, but tech-driven harmonisation never works, you know? The best way to solve organisational efficiency issues… is just to solve them upstream first before loading all these burden onto the system.”
  • “Hey, you and I, we’re not that different. We’re interested in solving the problem. Just that you solve it conceptually by moving people, dynamics and monies as a policy officer, and well, I try to solve the problem using a software.”
  • Yong Kiat, if I could choose to not write code to solve the problem, I would definitely do that.

Dare to Embrace the Tech

I totally dig this as a casual coder — imagine all the visualisations and simulations I could now perform for my students!
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