Conduct tool POC in 5 steps — how?


Test Processes VS POC Steps

Set Goals/Expectations

Define POC Scope & Action Plan

  • Be conscious that we aren’t automating the entire project at this point of time
  • Don’t just go for the easiest happy path only
  • Select a few critical and varied test cases which can help you to determine if the tool is appropriate. For example if your application integrates with several systems/technologies, it is good to incorporate them as part of the POC scopes to test how well the tool can run them seamlessly.
  • Don’t forget about failed test scenarios to check if the tool can pick up or capture defect(s)

Preparation & Setup

Scripting & Execution

  • Usability — ease of use
  • Stability of tool (e.g. the tool supports web UI testing very well but is buggy when it comes to mobile testing)
  • Any encounter of scenarios whereby the tool can/cannot handle well
  • Any bug(s) found

Reporting & Presentation

Is tool(s) POC really necessary?

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