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Why we work

Ryan coding up a storm in his favourite code editor

How we work

We are our own harshest critics
Our very own home-made 3D Printer, made by our dear Moneesh, Ryan, Benjamin and Winnie
Printing the future of Singapore, made possible even with adhesive tape, cardboards and paper clips
Yuhong, Alvin and VVEEEENJIIIEEEEE… discussing about some serious stuff

Our work

Available on App Store and Google Play Store


Available on App Store and Google Play Store


CitizenConnect Centre+, also

CitizenConnect Centre+

Again, we’re looking at the back of his head

Help us!

super embarrassing to take this photo pls




Be Happy, Be Awesome! We deliver high-quality digital services to citizens and businesses in Singapore 😊

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Edison Chee

Edison Chee

designer, programmer, geek and part-time snorlax

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