25 essential iPhone tips

Have Siri do the math

Just ask “How much is 32% of 75?” Siri can add, subtract, and divide, too.

Take a screenshot

Press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time. The picture is saved to the Screenshots album in Photos.

Remove webpage clutter

Reader in Safari makes articles easier to read. When you see the Reader button in the search field, tap it to see just the text and photos — without ads.

Talk instead of type

Tap the Dictate button on the keyboard and speak your words (including punctuation), then tap Done.

Reduce eye strain at night

iPhone can automatically alter display colors for better viewing at night. Schedule Night Shift to turn on from sunset to sunrise in Settings > Display & Brightness.

Prepare to pay with Apple Pay

When iPhone is locked, double-click the Home button then leave your finger on Touch ID. Hold iPhone near the reader to pay.

Quickly find a photo

Photos automatically identifies places and objects in your pictures, so you can search for them. You can search for beach or dachshunds, for example.


Find your car

When iPhone is connected to your car using CarPlay, or paired using Bluetooth, Maps automatically marks where you park. Tap Parked Car to find your way back to it.

Find your favorite food, fast

Just ask Siri something like “Where can I get seafood around here?”

Shoot portraits you’ll love

Create a photo where the background blurs and your subject stays sharp. Swipe to Portrait and frame your shot. When you see the yellow Depth Effect box, take the picture.

Quickly open Camera

When iPhone is locked, swipe left to access the camera.

See notifications at a glance

Lift iPhone to wake it and see your notifications. Press the Home button to unlock it. To unlock with a touch instead of a press, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button.

Change the flashlight brightness

Press the Flashlight button in Control Center, then choose how much light you need to read that restaurant menu.

Magnify the fine print

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Magnifier. Then triple-click the Home button to use the camera to zoom in on small details. Tap the Filter button to enhance the image. Tap the shutter to freeze it.

Save as PDF

You can save almost anything as a PDF. Tap the Action button, then tap Print. Pinch the first page of the preview, then tap the Action button to save or send the document.

Get in close with your dual cameras

Zoom in for a great picture. Toggle between the 1x button and the 2x button with a tap. Touch and hold for a slider that zooms all the way to 10x.

Change the feel of the Home button

Choose the click that’s right for you. Go to Settings > General > Home Button to pick the option you like.

Add favorite widgets to Today View

Check your favorite apps with a single swipe. Press an app’s icon, then tap Add Widget. Swipe right from the Lock screen to open Today View.

Sleep like clockwork with Bedtime

Set a regular time for going to bed and waking up. See how long you’re leaving for sleep, get a reminder when it’s time for bed, and wake to new pleasant sounds.

Stop along the way

While following driving directions, swipe the route card up, then tap to view Gas Stations nearby. Tap one to add it to your route.

Make your home smarter

Use Home to control lights, window shades, door locks, thermostats, and more, from anywhere. To add a HomeKit-enabled accessory, plug it in, then tap (+).

Fine-tune your memories

Photos can help you rediscover favorite memories by turning your photos and videos into a movie. To edit the Memory Movie, tap the Edit button, then change the title, soundtrack, content, and more.

Send a hidden message

To send a message with Invisible Ink, touch and hold the Send button, then tap Invisible Ink. To see what you wrote, the recipient rubs the bubble.

Text smarter with iMessage apps

Access info from apps, or create and share something fun, without leaving Messages. Tap the Apps button, then swipe to choose an app. Get iMessage apps from the App Store.

Share News with a swipe

Spot a News article that someone you know would love? Swipe left, then tap Share.

Get the user guide

Learn everything you want to know about iPhone — all in one place. The iPhone User Guide is a free download in the iBooks Store. Go to the iBooks Store.

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