SkyPixel 360-Degree Panorama Contest

SkyPixel, the world’s largest aerial photography community, said Tuesday it has launched the 360-degree Panorama Contest in conjunction with DJI on 20 May, 2016, inviting users to submit their 360-degree world view, as taken from the air. Within 10 days, over 700 submissions of 360-degree aerial panoramas have been received from around the world, with key entries highlighted below.

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SkyPixel 360-Degree Panorama Contest

Cancun, Mexico Sunset by Toldedo Aerial Media (PRNewsFoto/DJI)

SkyPixel 360-Degree Panorama Contest

Huashan Sunrise by Fang Liu (PRNewsFoto/DJI)

SkyPixel 360-Degree Panorama Contest

Business District — Xinjiekou Nanjing panoramic view by Jinling Laoxia (PRNewsFoto/DJI)

The 360-degree panorama allows viewers to immerse themselves in the world of the photographer, and can also be combined with VR (virtual reality) technology that produces an unparalleled experience of aerial imaging.

360-degree panoramas are a relatively new feature on SkyPixel, and a separate section of the website dedicated to 360-degree imaging had been soft launched prior to the contest.

To help potential users create 360-degree panoramas, SkyPixel expert Rendy Cipta Muliawan created a tip that covers the basics of forming a 360-degree aerial panorama, including advising to use the ‘grid function’ and to take 4 rows of photos in total to create the 360-degree view.

Contestants are invited to use any aerial platform to submit their entries.

Enter the contest:

SkyPixel 360-degree Panorama Tutorial:

The Grand Prize includes a DJI Phantom 4 and a Huawei P9 Plus. There are additional prizes on offer including DJI Credits valued at USD 500, USD 300and USD 100 for second, third and a ‘brilliant’ prize, along with smartphones and wearable devices. The list of winners will be announced on June 30.

Originally published at SiNGLE GADGET.