The Intelligent Sports Bra : OMbra

OMsignal is reinventing the way women hit the ground running with the official release of its flagship product, OMbra — now available online at and in select retail stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Fashioned with the female spirit in mind, OMbra is entirely designed for her, from the bra itself to the digital coaching experience. Embedded with patent-pending sensor technologies, it accurately captures the body’s deepest signals and streams the data to the user’s mobile device. OM goes beyond the basic heart rate of smartwatches. It is the first-ever sports bra to combine accurate heart and breathing rhythms to deliver actionable insights for runners of all levels.

“Our focus was to create a beautiful sports bra to enhance a woman’s body, respond to the unique strains of running, and accurately detect the body’s core signals,” said Joanna Berzowska, Head of Electronic Textiles at OM. “Boasting specially engineered fabrics and advanced sensory technology, OMbra truly is a product of science and engineering that simultaneously features innovative and inspired design.”

With OMbra comes OMrun, a deeply personalized running app for women. OMrun scientifically determines each person’s intensity level for optimal progress and fat burning results, while helping reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

“OMbra came to fruition through years of research, development and experimentation with female runners of all levels,” said Stephane Marceau, CEO and Co-Founder of OM. “From the hundreds of women who tested the bra, we tried to enable a very simple and mindful approach to running that strikes a balance between the will to progress and achieve specific fitness goals, and the simple, healthy pleasures of running.”

OM’s latest round of financing brings OMbra to consumers worldwide and furthers the company’s market and technological leadership in smart apparel. Valued at USD$10-million, the round includes investments from new and previous venture capitalists from the US, Canada, and Asia, including Relay Ventures, MAS Holdings, Bessemer Venture Partners, Techstars Ventures, Real Ventures, Mistral Ventures, Primera Capital, Investissement Québec, and Export Development Canada.

“OMsignal brings together a dynamic combination of IoT, mobile technology and fashion know-how, along with an experienced team of professionals,” said Alex Baker, Partner at Relay Ventures. “The company has the potential to positively change consumers’ lives. We look forward to playing a role in helping OMsignal turn active apparel and everyday clothes into connected objects that make us all fitter and healthier.”

Originally published at SiNGLE GADGET.

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