Recent Twitter changes: And what it means to you

Earlier this year Twitter had announced certain changes to the platform for keeping it safe and spam free. These rules will prevent excessive spam and benefit twitter in providing the best user experience.

Keeping Twitter safe and free from spam is a top priority for us. — says Yoel Roth, API policy and product trust at Twitter

One of the most common spams Twitter face is using multiple accounts to post identical tweets. Twitter shows its tweets in reverse chronological order so it is difficult for the users to identify the creation.

With this changes on Twitter,

  • You cannot post a single tweet to multiple twitter accounts.
  • You cannot use your multiple accounts to follow, like or retweet a specified account.
  • You cannot create identical twitter accounts.
  • You cannot use any form of automation to post identical or substantially similar content or to like or Retweet is not permitted.
  • Posting multiple tweets on a single topic or hashtag to single or multiple accounts is not allowed.

What do these changes mean?

Publishing a tweet with similar or duplicative tweets, replies, mentions over multiple accounts is no more allowed. Also, you cannot use duplicate or similar accounts with or without the use of automation. Instead of posting similar contents to multiple accounts, you can Retweet on other accounts from the published account. Also, multiple updates posted on a trending topic in order to artificially increase or decrease the prominence of a tweet or a hashtag is not allowed.

Twitter allows an exception for the applications that broadcast or share weather, emergencies, or other public service announcements of broad community interest like the earthquake or tsunami alerts, etc. are permitted to post across multiple accounts.

For services working with Twitter,

  • Your service should not let users select several accounts to schedule or publish a tweet.
  • Your service should not let users select several accounts to like, retweet or follow multiple accounts
  • Simultaneously posting tweets with the same hashtag across multiple accounts is prohibited.

Controlling spams will increase the chance of noticing the original content. These new rules could regulate the spread of fake contents, accounts, and spam. Let’s hope this will bring a new experience in using twitter.