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Aug 5 · 3 min read

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Many of the parents who are currently in their 40’s and 50’s were among the first “gamers”.

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We are the generation of the Commodore VIC, 64, Amiga, Spectrum 48K and 128K, Amstrad, Atari, etc. We were the first to start using the first affordable computers for domestic use. Those computers were the ones that paved the way for the arrival of the first “Personal Computers” that you will remember as the 286, 386 or 486. With CGA, VGA, etc. graphics cards and some with the Turbo button. In those years we were careful not to press it too much for fear that they would “break” for processing so much.

We used those early computers to play games. To load the programs and games, we used cassettes that sometimes we had to adjust with a screwdriver to move the reader head closer or further away.

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I’m sure some of the readers will smile at this moment as they recall their own experience. Before continuing with what I want to say, I’ll make a small parenthesis to confirm to those who miss those experiences, that there are many software simulators and small devices that reproduce those first consoles from initiatives of “gamers” like us.

Some of these players suffered a “click” at some point in their adolescence. There is a “click” but I don’t know the reasons for it. The thing is that when it happens, some of us decide to learn how to make our own games.

Some of these players suffered a “click” at some point in their adolescence.

At that moment everything changes. We enjoy playing as much or more than programming, learning and proposing our own challenges. And there is no end to it.

Time goes by and you recognize again your own moments reflected in your children. It’s funny to remember little gestures like your parents calling you to lunch while you are finishing that game and you’re right at the moment when the BIG BAD is beating you but you progress step by step. You must go to eat, you have to leave the game at the moment when you can’t pause or record it. But nobody understands you. The ultimatum comes: “either you come now or you don’t play for a week” or “if you don’t come, I’ll turn off the computer right now”. Nobody understood you.

Not now. Now, you’re the gamer father of a gamer son. You get it. When you ask him to stop what he’s doing, you know he needs some time to get to the point where he can pause or record it.

Over the years you discover that you no longer have to pretend to play with your children, you no longer have to let yourself win sometimes… one day you simply lose. It’s all laughs… How lucky he was! I have a bad day, etc. but you lose again. No more laughs. You have to concentrate so as not to be humiliated. That day everything changes again. You no longer have just a son or daughter. You already have a perfect opponent at home. Someone with whom you must already make an effort. Firstly so that you don’t lose, but soon so that he doesn’t give you a championship beating. And everything goes better. You’re having fun like you haven’t had in a long time.

However, everything is a cycle and again… without knowing why, it happens. You see it again. One day appers the click. This time you see it from another angle, but it has happened again. Your kids start having more fun creating their own adventures than playing the game that others have made. And at that moment, you know that everything will be fine.

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