Best of Tokit: Five Projects Tokenizing Their Film, Music, and Art

Mar 22, 2018 · 4 min read

From alien space caper comedies to up-and-coming singer-songwriters, check out some of the artists creating their own economies with SingularDTV

Since launching in November, SingularDTV app Tokit has enabled musicians, filmmakers, and creators around the world to develop their work and connect with their community in an unprecedented way: Tokenization. Built on blockchain technology, tokenization is a new method through which SingularDTV helps creators and fans can share in the fundraising, production, and release of films, music, art, and multimedia. It’s like the next generation of crowdfunding, except plugged into the world of blockchain and digital currencies, and part of SingularDTV’s ecosystem of decentralized apps designed to help creators create.

Tokit launch Projects like Gramatik’s GRMTK token, Puerto Rican music collective Liga De Artistas and filmmaker Khushnuda Shukurova’s KHUSH Token raised millions of dollars to create on their own terms and are well on their way to creating content that will populate SingularDTV’s upcoming distribution platform. Now, scores of bold and independent projects are following in their wake.

You can head over to Tokit to see the full gallery of projects currently underway or concluded, but here are just a few of our favorite films, musicians, and experimental media projects that discovered SingularDTV and decided to join the decentralized entertainment economy and fulfill their creative ambitions as part of a community…

Space Beers

A surrealist space comedy starring two abducted aliens — Talia and Zendra — exploring a galaxy in which beer is the only hope for survival, Space Beers is as ambitious as it is silly. Conceived after a boozy night out after Cannes Film Festival, the Space Beers project is made possible by SPCTKN, which enters supporters into the Space Beers universe of wacky galactic media. To get a glimpse of that world, check out the animated prologue teaser and head over to Tokit to check out the script, production roadmap, and all the details on SPCTKN.

Find out more about Space Beers on Tokit.

Global Loop Orchestra

You may have heard of decentralized networks, but what about decentralized music? The Global Loop Orchestra is the world’s first peer-to-peer, decentralized band. The GLO Token enables a growing network of musicians and artists who will perform together in livestream gigs, even though they’re all in different parts of the world. The GLO Token will also support the Global Loop Orchestra’s Mesh Label, with releases from various projects. A Beta of the project is up at ArtsMesh, which you can check out now.

Check out Global Loop Orchestra on Tokit.


Javier Borrayo, one of Guatemalan’s brightest young filmmakers, is funding the production of Luz, a magical realist science fiction film about a physicist’s quest to measure karma as it travels through time, all set in the midst of a Guatemalan civil war. Unable to make his dreams happen in the fledgling Guatemalan arts scene, Borrayo’s gone global with a decentralized mindset. He laid out some of his alluring vision in a wonderful teaser video that explains the LUZTKN, and you can check out budget breakdowns and more info on the LUZ Gallery Page.

Here’s LUZ on Tokit.

Casey Pearl

London-based singer-songwriter Casey Pearl has been illuminating the UK underground with her style of island-influenced jazz and soul. Instead of playing the major label game, Casey — who works as a schoolteacher when not on stage — is taking her career into her own hands with the PEARL Token, with which she’s planning on producing her debut album and taking her show on the road. A self-starter, Casey is proving you don’t need big corporations and huge money to make your musical dreams a reality.

Find out more about Casey Pearl on Tokit.


Tokit is all about people creating their own realities, and some of those realities include a person in an old man mask yelling about cryptocurrencies in Portuguese! Meet Epaminondas, Brazil’s cult hero blockchain YouTuber. The Epacoin is being created to fund a whole channel of Epaminondas content that will live in EtherVision, SingularDTV’s upcoming distribution portal. Check out some of Epaminondas’ antics over on Tokit, and maybe it’s time for you to start thinking of your own tokenized project?

Check out Epaminondas on Tokit.

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SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized…


SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.